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1 day ago


W2 Time bomb: 60 Million US Workers Will Go Freelance by 2020 At the same time, half of US companies aren’t ready to on-board freelancers By Eric Frisch, Business ...

1 day ago

Do Motorcycles Cause More Accidents Than Cars?

(pixabay: http://goo.gl/gHhovR) For quite some time, we’ve been under the impression that motorcycles are dangerous. We hear this from people we know, and see it in the media. Many ...

2 days ago

Developing Your Passion For Photography

Source: pexels.com It seems that every person you meet in the trendiest of bars now is a photographer on the side, and I’m not referring to every person with ...

4 days ago

Simple Tech Gadgets Many Patients Rely On

Image Source There are some pieces of technology that have really changed the way in which some people live. In the past, many people who can now live positive ...

6 days ago

Are Spending Cuts Hurting Public Services?

commons.wikimedia.org It’s been a trend over recent years: authorities in the US slashing spending at the local level. Yet, thanks to these cuts, we can expect there to be ...