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22 hours ago

How has the iPhone evolved in 9 Years?

In the smartphone world, nine years is a long time. Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone on 9th January 2007 at San Francisco’s Moscone West. At the time, Nokia ...

22 hours ago

5 Things You Can Expect In “Smart Cities”

  In connection to the ever-expanding Internet of Things, we tend to hear a lot about “smart cities” these days. The idea is that connected devices can work together ...

22 hours ago

Vaping: A Tech Craze That’s Sweeping The Nation

  (Photo via Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/qSpEBN) Nowadays, you can rarely walk down a street without seeing clouds of smoke being puffed out of people’s mouths. Often, you’re left shocked when ...

1 week ago

Tech Ideas For Total Marketing Tools

Pexels Marketing a product or service by a business is one of the most essential aspects of modern marketing techniques. How a company promotes their product says a lot ...