Here’s Why We Still Suck At Recycling

The good news about recycling is that we do more of it today than we did say five years. But, the bad news is that America still sucks at recycling. According to the infographic shown on this page, our recycling rate is just 34%. In contrast, Germany is doing a better job than us with a 62% rate. Even our neighbors across the pond, the UK, recycle more than we do!

Just why do we still suck at recycling? Well, it turns out there is a variety of reasons that still need addressing in the U.S.

The ugly truth about recycling in America

Just how big is the problem? On average, each one of us produces almost five pounds of waste per DAY! While recycling facilities are abundant, they can’t keep up with demand. So, how are we “solving” that problem? Simple. We just incinerate what we can’t recycle.

As you can imagine, that’s the least eco-friendly way to deal with unwanted waste. There are several of these industrial-sized behemoths across the country. Some of them convert the incinerated waste into electricity. Of course, they do so in a rather controversial way. According to the EPA, those incinerators get classed as “renewable energy sources”!

Lack of awareness

In some parts of the country, education is an issue. Especially when it comes to information on recycling. It’s no so much that people aren’t aware of the concept. Rather, they don’t know what kinds of things are recyclable. Or, indeed, how to do so.

The following infographic lists facts about recycling and the scale of our trash problems:

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