15 Best Chrome extensions for Blogging, Social Media and SEO

Knowing how to manage your time is one of the crucial factors if you want to be successful in whatever it is you do. We live fast, think even faster, and the world seems to be moving with just a bit more speed every day. Today, one of your most important characteristics should be advanced time management, especially if you work in a field related to World Wide Web, like social media management, SEO or blogging.

The ups of having an “internet job” are many, but they challenge every aspect of us as well – our resourcefulness, our ability to efficiently get the job done on your own terms (which is often much more difficult to do than in controlled environment) and knowing how to work less and achieve more is a must. This is where we can find a significant amount of help from our technology gods that provide us with all kinds of tools, aps and extensions so that we can do our job more quickly and professionally. For all of you trying to make it work with your blogging or SEO expertise, here are fifteen most useful Chrome extensions.

1. Page Speed Insights


We’ll start off with a tool that is very important for your website. As you know from your own user experience, the loading speed of your website is one of the quintessential factors for success, because no one will visit your site if it takes forever to access the content. There are research reports confirming that our attention span is getting shorter every year, which means your website should function like clockwork, and this extension helps you in the speed department. Page Speed Insights will also provide

2. Majestic Backlink Analyzer



We’ll delve a little bit into SEO domain and extensions that can help you improve your website’s SEO performance, Majestic Backlink Analyzer being one of them. Doing your back linking correctly can either improve or bring down your website, and this extension enables you to check how you stand when it comes to backlinks both on your website and other sites that can serve as an example of what you should do better.

3. Ninja Outreach Lite



Another one right up SEO alley, Ninja Outreach Lite is there to help you make that next step in improving your outreach influence. Link building is one of the building blocks of good SEO, which is why you should try to get it as close to perfection as possible. By using this extension, you get access the network of four million influencers that can help you promote your business by sharing your content on their relevant web pages.

4. Google Page Analytics



This extension can freely be called the alpha and omega of SEO, because you’ll hardly find a free tool that does more for SEO of your website. When it comes to what Page Analytics have to offer, they bring quite a package to the table – you’ll have a clear insight in the number of unique page views and visits and much more. You’ll be able to easily compare how your websites bodes on the internet every day and track visits and where they come from. This is also excellent for tracking possibly malicious visits such are bot and cybercriminals trying to breach your security.

5. SEO Site Tools



This tool is great for getting you started in the SEO world, it’s sort of a stepping stone toward other more detailed and more complex extensions out there. You’ll get all the information you need to get you started on your website’s SEO, such are Google PageRank and complete SEO checkup of your webpage, that will tell you more about what you should do to make site bode better in general Google ranking.

6. Evernote


If you’ve never used Evernote, you’ve probably got excellent memory when it comes to keeping in mind a lot of information. For most of us, who do face the slippage of the mind from time to time, this app makes all the difference because it safely stores in one place all the website clippings you might’ve found useful at some point, so that you can return to them whenever you choose. Also, you’ll be able to access this site archive of yours on any device, where you’ve got Evernote installed.

7. AddThis


If you want your readers or clients to be able to share your content more easily, then Add This buttons will help you achieve this easily. By using this tool, you’ll be able to install buttons of social media shortcuts, as well as add related posts area to your website’s pages, so that your readers stay longer, which is good for you in every way, especially with SEO. All content on your site will be much more easily shared if all your readers have to do is click on a button.

8. URL Shortener



Here’s a freebie that will be equally useful for both bloggers and SEO workers, as well as for all those that frequently deal with social media content. Having URLs shortened will beneficially affect your SEO (though it’s a minor factor), but more importantly, you’ll get rid of URLs that are long and ugly with 100+ characters in them. This tool is a quick fix for this issue and you’ll get a nice short URL in a heartbeat and a click.

9. Ad Block



Chances are you’ve heard of this app, and it’s even a bigger chance that you’ve got it installed on your devices. As you know, everything on the internet just can’t wait to throw some popups at us, and with popup ads potentially comes malware problems. This phenomenon is called adware and in lurks behind clickable ads so that it can scoop your sensitive information as soon as you’ve clicked on it. All those working on the internet, particularly SEO workers, value their privacy and security above everything, which is why Add Block is definitely one of the extensions you need in your arsenal. If you are really serious about security, you should think about more serious protection, such are proxies and VPNs. Naturally, good antivirus programs can take care of adware, but prevention is the key in every business situation, which is why using a virtual private network might not be a bad idea.

10. Chrome Notepad


This one is for all those that always have the need of writing down everything useful that comes to their mind. Chrome Notepad will open in a click and you can use it whenever and wherever on any device you’ve got it installed. This tool allows you to freely and easily jot down all the good ideas (that usually come in most inconvenient of places) and then come back to them whenever you’re ready.

11. Scribble Toolbar


Having Scribble Toolbar installed on your devices will allow you to highlight and thus single out any important part of the text you’re reading, be it a professional article or just some light reading. Even when you leave the website, the highlighted parts will remain on it, just like in a book, so that you can return to it and check what you considered to be important.

12. Grammarly Spell Checker


Grammarly has found its way to our list because an alarming number of people don’t seem to mind to what’s written on their website. This is somewhat ridiculous, seeing that your website is the representation of you, which means that it should be impeccable in every way imaginable. Grammarly Spell Checker will set the record straight and keep close tabs on both your spelling, grammar and writing style. More info found here https://www.grammarly.com/review

13. Note Anywhere


If your house is full of post-its reminding you of what you should and when, then this extension will help you do the same thing all over internet. Note Anywhere enables you to put up reminders on any site on the internet, which can remind you what is that you found especially interesting last time you were there. You can even write down reminders and put them on your home page, so that the first thing you see when you open your browser is what you need to do that day.

14. Stay Focusd


Stay Focusd deals directly with being in your face when it comes to how you spend your time on the internet. We have a tendency to procrastinate by spending too much time on YouTube, 9gag and social media, but this extension puts a stopper on it. All you need to do is decide how much time you want to spend on every site daily, and after you’ve used up all of the time, Stay Focusd disallows you access to the website until the next day. Draconian measures are sometimes needed to get all the work done.

15. Web Timer


Like the name states, this extension will provide you with just how much time you’ve spent on each and every website. This is a great tool for all those who are in dire need of knowing just how much time they lose not being productive on the internet. Aside from this feature, you’ll get various charts and graphs that deal with different aspects of your internet activity.

Naturally, you don’t need to install all of these extensions to be successful in your job, but try some of them out and you’ll see just how much you can benefit from them.


5555hhAdam Ferraresi`s biggest passions in life are everything concerning World Wide Web and writing. This 23-year-old web developer is stationed in Dallas, TX where he spends his time working and often writing interesting articles for wefollowtech.com and thevpnlab.com . Beside from being a tech aficionado, Adam spends his free time listening to music and playing basketball.






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