Vaping: A Tech Craze That’s Sweeping The Nation


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Nowadays, you can rarely walk down a street without seeing clouds of smoke being puffed out of people’s mouths. Often, you’re left shocked when you see these clouds in no-smoking areas. How do people get away with it?

Well, the secret is, these aren’t actually clouds of smoke. They’re simply vapor clouds that give the illusion of smoke. You see, vaping has become a very popular trend of the last three or four years. It’s seen as an alternative to regular smoking and is helping people kick the habit altogether. It gives people the feeling of smoking, without all the damaging chemicals and side effects.

In this piece, I want to discuss this trend in more detail. What technology makes vaping possible? And, where will this trend go in the next few years or so? All of this information can be found down below:


What Technology Makes Vaping Possible?

Vaping is very much a tech trend, as technology is the only thing that makes it possible. Companies spent years developing products known as e-cigs or vape pens. Inside these items, you will find a chamber that contains an e-liquid. This is a liquid made up of various things to create a taste. Typically, it’s a simple concoction of water and some flavors of some kind.

Then, you have a heating mechanism that heats up the e-liquid. When this happens, simple science occurs. A liquid turns to a gas when heated to a certain temperature. This is where the e-liquid turns into water vapor. It passes through the device and can be inhaled by the user.

Typically, the heating process occurs when the user presses a button on their vaping device. These devices are normally powered by changeable/rechargeable batteries. It’s very simple technology, and people seem to love it.

Where Will The Vaping Trend Go In The Next Few Years?

Like all trends, vaping is set to undergo changes within the next few years. Certain things become more desirable, and better technology comes out. These days, portable vaping devices like the DAVINCI IQ are starting to emerge. These are smaller devices and include better and more refined technology. The end result is a better vaping experience for everyone.

Vaping will become more and more popular as time goes on. Smokers will realize the impact it can have on their life. It’s a brilliant solution for people that are trying to quit that harmful habit. I predict the craze will get even bigger in a few years time.

There’s no denying that this craze is only possible due to technology. As it advances, it will be intriguing to see what happens. As mentioned, portable vaporizers are becoming popular now. So, will things continue down this route? Who knows, in a few years time we good have tiny vaporizers that people can store in their wallets. We’re also bound to see some connection to smartphones brought in too. Perhaps apps that allow you to control your vaping device?

To conclude, the vaping craze is here to stay. Hopefully, this article has helped explain more about the technology involved. As vaping technology changes, we’re set to see some interesting developments within this craze.

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