All you want to know about a USB TV Tuner

A TV tuner card is a type of television tuner that permits television signals to be accepted by a computer. Most TV tuners also work as video capture cards which permit them to record television programs onto a hard disk like the digital video recorder (DVR) does.TV tuners have reformed intensely in recent years. In the past, Options were relatively limited in the past as to what you could do with a PC and TV. It has now become easier to add a TV tuner and turn your computer into a great way to watch TV.

USB HDTV tuners permit consumers to catch free HDTV broadcasts by an indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna. The USB tuner joins from the antenna to the HDTV USB Device, which then joins to a free USB slot on your computer. Once the HDTV broadcasts are caught, software that originates bundled with the card is then used to view, record and time-shift the HDTV channel that your antenna can pick up. This software usually embraces an electronic programming guide for scheduling TV shows to record in advance using the internet.

Working of a USB TV Tuner

A USB TV tuner works as a facilitator between your computer and your video. Most new USB TV Tuners will be USB 2.0 spec but their speed will be low or might be they won’t work properly. A USB 3.0 device might be too much for your needs. The speed of USB 3.0 is higher and it provides better quality.

Use of a USB TV Tuner

The most common use of a TV tuner is to watch live TV. The tuner is also used to give the PC the power of a Personal Video Recorder. It will able to record and pause TV, skip through things that are in your video buffer. In dual tuner, two things are recorded at the same time.

USB TV Tuner is also used to archive things. The aging videocassettes can be streamed to the computer and digital copy can be created that can be archived.

Set up and Price

The driver set up generally becomes automatic by using a USB device. Any program on   the computer can use the video from a TV Tuner. Mostly live TV is watched on the computer. A lot of TV programs are recorded to watch at the leisure time. The digital copies can be made of the old videos.

The prices of the TV tuner vary depending on the requirements. Around $50 mark is paid to funnel an analog TV signal to the computer. For something with a lot more bell and whistles, the price can reach $200 mark.


A TV tuner is a device that can be attached to the computer which will convert video ready for TV into a format that a computer can allow you to manipulate that video to suit your needs. An easy assessment of the video can be done by plugging an external TV tuner into one of the USB ports. A USB Tuner should be purchased considering the price, quality, support, public reviews and warranty period.


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