Uber Instigates to Share Data Aiding Cities Reduce Traffic

Uber is taking serious steps in reducing the traffic congestion around the urban areas which is a major problem of every city slicker. Handling with the long queue of vehicles in front of the traffic signal during peak hours is dreadful. The urbanites feel too tiring not because of their travel but the heavy traffic locks they face through on daily basis. Due to an increase in population at the metropolitan cities eventually, traffic gets more and that in turn increase the pollution on air. We get to breathe the impurities in the air in our day-to-day life because of this reason. There is no point in earning tons and tons of money by affording a livelihood full of pollution’s. The root cause is Traffic congestion’s. To eradicate it we need to think from the perspective of the people who have been a reason for all these chaos.

But there is no point in blaming the people because they themselves run out of time and does everything in a haste to reach the office, school or colleges on time. They don’t find a significant time sort out the problems; they just face the traffic congestion unmindful of anything. So as to make it as a note we can think from the urbanites point of view and resolve this issue thereby reducing the traffic tie-ups and protect our Mother Earth away from the harmful air pollution.

Uber takes constant effort on resolving this problem and had come up with sane ideas benefiting the urbanites to reduce the traffic logjams. The ideas also gave a lot of other benefits to its commuter on overcoming the hectic traffic congestion’s. On using Uber the passengers can get to their destination on time without any discrepancies. Uber plans on sharing data like the traveling time of the passenger in order to help the people from traffic congestion’s. The idea of carpooling was a great accomplishment. Those who have used the scheme befittingly would have found it fruitful.

Idea of carpooling which was also favorable to lessen roadblocks

The carpooling is an idea of ride-sharing with the passengers who have booked the ride to the same destination. This concept has significantly reduced the number of vehicles say if five people would like to reach to a location booked as the same destination and they have to board five vehicles. Imagine five vehicles on the same road to the same destination at the same time would cause the roads congested. The wait time at the signals will increase. The urge of every person sitting inside each vehicle will also eventual start fumbling. To cut down all of these Uber has put down this effort.

The scientists from MIT has undergone a research over this scheme and renowned a few things and made it work amazingly. The students created an algorithm which enables the company to make a note of the bookings which has the destination and the time same. After which the passengers are requested whether they could hail a ride sharing with another passenger. If yes, then they could proceed with the carpooling ride service.

The carpooling approach is really a shrewd and a marvelous idea. Sharing our ride to a destination on daily basis with our friends who has got to reach the same destination (say traveling along with colleagues who reside nearby our residence or in the route which is on the way to our office) will make our travel less stressful ignoring the traffic signals and the passengers thereby doesn’t have to worry about the continual hike in the fuel prices when they use Uber.

Another prudent attempt from Uber

After carpooling, Uber which is more concerned about reducing the pressure among the people surviving at urban areas from the traffic congestion’s and roadblocks has come up with another idea. This approach also seems to be promising. Usually Uber doesn’t just make the business from what it does and what it has invested on but also tries out new attempt continually to impress its habitués and bring them to the comfort zone. It not only works with the perception of satisfying its customer needs but also from the perspective of the issues prevailing on every side of our surroundings.

The approach is basically in a form of website called “Movement” and it is anticipated to release in the middle of the month February. As discussed earlier this new enhancement is an approach to help out the people from urban areas who are the regular habitués of the ride-hailing service company away from traffic congestion’s.

The central theme of the approach is sharing of the information about the traveling time to the commuters in order to reduce the traffic congestion’s and to show a better transportation structure of that city. The website renders its customers with free service of providing information or data about the travel time where the service will not be available for individual trips instead the information will be in form of segments in different point for different rides. The organization feels that this might help the urbanites to plan or decide on the travel depending on the data they share.

The website is so very helpful for the people because they will have to pay for the services to get to know this information. Though the services are not widely available for every location where Uber barely used to ply they are useful under consideration with the resources which are available. It is a real-time map in which we can track the path of every Uber cars’ journey. The map consists of deep blue lines over it depicting the long travels Uber has taken long trips around the city and there are various other colors depicting other travels.

Controversy for the approach

It’s not to our surprise to know that Uber has caught up with a controversy. It’s now been a very common thing to the organization itself. Every time when the organization comes up with an approach there will be a complaint or an issue due to conflicts with the rule priorities at one or the other country. This is due to Uber’s widespread services around a lot of countries. One federation would freak out with its new approach whereas another country would completely rebel over. It’s absolutely hard for the organization itself to cope up with these negative outcomes and to simultaneously take care of the organization’s growth and welfare. The organization has to be appreciated for this fact at least not just for their endeavors but also for the strength they have possessed to get through every controversy and stand upon the higher position like a boss.

This time about the data sharing approach they haven’t forbidden the approach but they want to make a few modifications to it. The officials from the city of New York have reported that they want the details of the drop timings and location every customer has booked in for. This is just to find out how many hours the Uber ride service is working throughout the day. But the organization has given a voice back to their command saying that it’s not fair to ask for the private details of their customers. And previously the federation also planned track in the long trips the ride service has offered.

At the bottom

It’s amazing that Uber thinks from the perspective of the people and their country’s welfare and come up with new approaches. They could make it even more consistent for the customers so that the potency of the approach might also increase thereby reducing the traffic congestion.

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Anand Rajendran is a marketing professional with eight years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies like Zoplay and Dectar. Zoplay deals with all Uber for x applications which sells uber for x software’s.

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