5 Reasons why Wainscoting Is the Best Wall Décor Idea Ever

Classic wainscoting has been decorating walls for ages. Today, it is trendier than ever! Over the years, people discovered that wainscoting is not just the means to protect the wall. It’s the ideal wall design choice to make a statement in each room. And so high demand increased supply. Now you can find a great variety of modern wainscoting to dress each part of your house.

And here comes the devil’s advocate! Why, you ask? Why install bead boards instead of just painting the wall and decorate it with some artwork! Well, that’s a good idea! But you have way too many reasons for choosing wainscoting as the ultimate wall alternative.

5 excellent reasons for installing wainscoting

Hide wall imperfection

Wall panel wainscoting hides any imperfections. Walls are often damaged. There are flaws and cracks. Walls in high traffic rooms, like entryways, get filthy too. Wainscoting comes to disguise scratches, damage, and dents. It’s a great solution because it can be cleaned, repainted, and fixed easily.

The best pony wall décor

A pony wall would look lovely with a beaded board. It will make any partition or knee wall eye-catching. Such half walls are often used to separate areas in the house. And when they are simply painted white, they have nothing to say. With wainscoting, they become the jewel of the room!

Photo Credit: Grainda Builders Inc.

Add elegance

Who wouldn’t turn to admire a full flat panel wall? Whether it’s painted gray or white, it will create a sense of intimacy, warmth, and elegance. If you want to invest in beauty, you can’t go wrong with wainscoting. It’s simply tasteful! Since your choices among wainscoting design ideas are unlimited, you can find the perfect match for your dining room, bathroom, entryway, and any area in the house.

Enhance design

The secret to ensuring the most creative interior design is to be playful. And wainscots will be a great help! You can decorate the walls of each room completely differently by using different paneling and colors. This way, you accomplish two things: you enhance both functionality and aesthetics. How? By installing your favorite wainscot panel, you define your own personal style while you protect the walls from door knobs, shoes, or chairs, especially in high traffic spaces.

Increase structure

When you install a half wainscoting panel, you actually split the wall into two sections. This automatically fools the eye and makes the room look larger. And so wainscoting can become an excellent solution for small spaces! The right color helps too. It’s best to prefer light, neutral shades that make rooms look bigger.

Photo Credit: Bruce Palmer Design

When wainscoting and wall decorations meet, the result is splendid

Here are a few wall décor ideas, which will match perfectly with wainscoting paneling. The marriage of the two gives birth to vogue-style homes. So let’s see how you combine ideas to increase the splendor of your home.

  • Who said that you can’t hang pictures or artwork on the wall even if you have a full raised panel!
  • Install 1/3 panels, paint the wall white and hang empty frames. To make a difference, paint the wall inside the frame in different colors.
  • If you prefer more dynamic looks, install white panels and paint the wall over it in black, yellow, or red.
  • Use the chair rail as a shelf to create space for picture frames, books, keys etc.
  • Why not install wallpaper over the beadboard?
  • Instead of wallpaper, you can also make a collage with your family’s photos. It can’t get more personal than that!
  • How about a brick wall over the wainscoting? This idea will give an industrial look to your room! You can match your wall panel with coffered ceiling or crown molding!

Contemporary or classic, wainscoting is just charming

There are tens of wall decoration ideas. And these ideas apply on wainscots too. There is nothing you can put on the plaster that you can’t put on your full wall paneling or over the 1/3 wainscot. And that’s why any panel you choose will fuel your imagination and open new decoration horizons. What the wainscot will do is provide you with extra wall renovation solutions, increase functionality, and definitely make your house charmingly contemporary in the most classic way.

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