About Us!

About Us

Jason Goyette and Cole Kruper founded NewsinGeneral in November 2013. Since it’s inception, NewsinGeneral strives to deliver News Not Bound by Corporate Interests. We deliver the honest truth, and aren’t afraid to let our opinions and yours be heard!

Cole Kruper is the Co Founder and Managing Editor at NewsinGeneral U.S . Previously Cole took on positions at NewsInGeneral as VP, Executive Producer, Head Editor and Publishing Manager and the Role as Photography and Graphic Manager.

Cole also designed many of the past graphics NewsinGeneral uses, from the logo to promotional banners, currently Cole Kruper is studying Economics and Political Science at the University of Alberta, Canada after is Graduation Cole plans to return to his Role as VP.

Jason Goyette is the President and Chairman at NewsInGeneral. He has previously worked for BraeHawkTech and GeekBrainDump where he had the roles of I.T Security Writer, Pen-Tester and Technology Reviewer. Jason has certifications in CCNA, Linux+, A+ and is currently working on several certifications in the I.T field.

Jason has had a passion not just for Technology but also sharing his knowledge and ideas about everyday life! Whether its from a serious discussion about Quantum Physics or Conspiracy Theories he will enjoy the conversation. Now just because Jason has the title of President and Chairman don’t be surprised if you see him voicing his opinions and ideas on NewsInGeneral, YouTube or other places on the Web.

Sarah Prater is the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer. She has recently been brought on the Team as our Company has grown considerably in the past year. Sarah has a passion for Animals, Politics and Fictional Writing, here role in the company is overseeing our Finances for the Company and its Operations.


Rajeev Singh is Head of our Market Research Statistics. He has also recently been brought on the Team, Rajeev has a passion for Technology and Market Research. Rajeev is also a ICT market research analyst at Market Research and Statistics which is a market research report reseller brand based in India.


Although discontinued, NewsinGeneral once ran weekly liveshows to complement our array of articles published every week. Plans are in the works to introduce regularly posted videos (pre-recorded) pertaining to the articles published on NewsinGeneral weekly, along with special liveshows at various times throughout the year.

NewsinGeneral covers a broad spectrum of topics. A-Z, we’ve probably got it! And if we don’t, why not send an article of yours our way so we can publish it? To find out how to send us a guest post, click here!

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