Top 3 Things To Bring When Going ATV Trail Riding ?

Spring is upon us and so are all the awesome outdoor activities! So what should you bring to ensure that you will have a ton of fun without having your day ruined? Here is my top 3 things you should bring when going trail riding on your ATV! Safety is priority, especially when you don’t know how long you are going to be out!


A GPS is a life saver when your out in the woods hiking or riding, I’ve known many friends that could have benefited from having a GPS. What is a GPS you ask ? Well if you don’t know then maybe you should learn a little more before going out on your hike or ride, but for those who are still curious a GPS stands for  Global Positioning System and is a network of orbiting satellites that send precise details of their position in space back to earth. The signals are obtained by GPS receivers, such as navigation devices and are used to calculate the exact position, speed and time at the vehicles location.

Back in the olden days before technology travelers would use the sun, moon and stars to navigate the globe! For the most part it worked, but even then sometimes travelers would lose track of there destination and where they are forcing them to travel even farther then what they originally intended, which could mean life or death in some cases.


One of the most essential things to our survival is drinkable water and edible food, without either we would eventually die. When packing your ATV or pack be sure to bring more then needed, its always good to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. In many cases of hikers being stranded out in the wilderness proper hydration is what played a role in there survival and rescued, keeping hydrated when outside is very important in how well you are going to think clearly and move around.

Now having food is not as essential as water, fresh clean running water is becoming scarce nowadays with all the pollutants being dumped into our streams and lakes which is why it is essential to have clean water. When packing your bag be sure to bring non perishable foods, I personally like to bring Canned Tuna Fish or Chicken, Baked Beans and some good Jerky. If you do become stranded and run out of food supplies don’t worry the woods is your best friend when it comes to providing food, one thing I’ve learned in boy scouts is that there is plenty of edibles under your feet! Pick up a guide on edible plants and trapping which can be found at any outdoors shopping center like Dicks Sporting Goods or Bass Pro Shop.



Whenever I’m out riding with friends and somethings breaks on there ATV they always come to me asking for tools and of course being the nice guy that I am I hand over my bag, but while doing so I ask them what would you do If I didn’t come on this trip and they usually reply “Well I’d be shit out of luck”.  One of the first things I make sure of is that my tools are in working order and I have all I need to ensure that I’m going to be able to fix any breakdowns that may occur while out riding, now it may be a quick patch just enough to make it home.

Their is one particular tool that is your best friends when out ATV riding and that is the wench, having a Good Quality ATV Wench is essential in saving you a lot of money. I’ve seen a lot of people forced to abandon there ATV’s in a mud hole and sometimes not ever being able to recover it, unfortunately they didn’t think they’d ever get stuck. Now that you know what some of the stuff to bring be sure to add to your list of supplies, like batteries, headlamp etc.. anything you think would keep you alive for at least 3-8 days depending on how far you are traveling.


Thank You for reading my article on Top 3 Things To Bring When Going ATV Riding!


Auth bio: My name is Christopher and I’m a freelance writer who enjoys the outdoors and writing about my experiences and things I’ve learned.

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