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9 months ago

What Do You Mean When You Say “Alloy”?

You’ve probably heard the word “alloy” come up in conversations about buildings or fighter jets, but did you know you encounter alloys almost every day? The average person doesn’t ...

9 months ago

Are Pedestrians A Greater Risk Than Other Cars?

Picture via Pexels: Not too long ago, I wrote a piece on auto accidents. The focus was on comparing motorbikes and cars, to see which caused more accidents. ...

10 months ago

LSD and Scientific Breakthroughs

Bio: William Blogs about addiction, recovery, health and wellness. When he is not writing you can find him at your local basketball court or having a conversation with anyone ...

teacher mugs
10 months ago

Teacher Must Haves for Starting the New Term

When we think of the first day of school, immediately we see nervous and excited children in our mind’s eye. However, the first day of school isn’t all about ...

10 months ago

Do Motorcycles Cause More Accidents Than Cars?

(pixabay: For quite some time, we’ve been under the impression that motorcycles are dangerous. We hear this from people we know, and see it in the media. Many ...

10 months ago

Developing Your Passion For Photography

Source: It seems that every person you meet in the trendiest of bars now is a photographer on the side, and I’m not referring to every person with ...