Leasing is a strategy that businesses use to both new and well-established companies save on capital and avoid long-term risks and obligations associated with purchasing a property. While leasing a commercial property is advantageous on its own, it is imperative for anyone planning to lease to understand the ins and outs of leasing so that it can truly provide benefits rather than headaches.

By fully understanding the commercial lease know-how, you can gain the upper hand in the negotiation process that benefits the property-owner as well. However, not all have the time to go through the myriad of terms and conditions that landlord provides to the prospective tenant.

Commercial leasing aspects such as the ideal length of the lease, percentage of increase, type of lease arrangement, subletting, and a number of regulatory compliance should be taken into consideration – and can be a very time-consuming task that requires expertise in commercial property law. That is why more and more business seeks the help of a professional in commercial property to make sure of what they are getting into.

To know more, check out the infographic below from Amorys Solicitors which listed down the commercial leases essential questions that a tenant should ask before signing a lease agreement.

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