Fantastic Wainscoting Decorations to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

If you are looking to give your kitchen a makeover but do not want to spend a huge budget and time for arduous renovation projects, wainscoting might just be the perfect solution! Wainscoting is made up of removable panels with a variety of moldings and trims which are then applied to the lower part of the wall. Not only does wainscoting protect your wall from damages and water splashes, but it can also be a decorative feature in your kitchen.

Furthermore, if your wall has any imperfections on its lower part, this is an excellent way to conceal them without breaking the bank. Not limited to just kitchen walls, you can also apply wainscoting to the surface of your cabinets and kitchen island. Wainscoting comes in a variety of designs and styles which you can choose from. Here are the three major types of wainscoting that would be ideal for in the kitchen.

Dress up your kitchen with elegant raised panel wainscotingRaised panel wainscoting is a great way to add character and beauty to your kitchen in no time at all. Whether you have opted for a simple or ornamented style, the raised panels will always add depth and architectural interest to any room. This type of wainscoting is especially suitable for kitchens because they can protect the surfaces from any stains or damages caused by moisture. Additionally, they can also provide insulation to your home, especially during cold weathers.

Image source: Excel Interior Construction

Raised panel wainscoting can be made from either wood or MDF materials. You can match the design, color, and material of the wainscoting to your kitchen cupboards to achieve a harmonious style. Just bear in mind that wooden panels are a lot heavier than MDF ones so they can be a little harder to change.

Install flat panel wainscoting for a simple and clean lookSimilar to the raised panel, flat panel wainscoting is both decorative and provides protection to your walls. It also insulates your house, just like raised panel wainscoting. Both flat and raised panel wainscoting share the same functionalities, but the flat panel is preferred when you desire a simpler and less formal look. This type of wainscoting is better suited for small kitchens with its flat surface which utilizes less space than the raised panel.

Image source: CSI Custom Homes

Flat panel wainscoting also comes in MDF and wood panels but uses less materials than the raised panel. Therefore, flat panel wainscoting is generally cheaper and lighter compared to the raised panel. Consequently, the advantage of having flat panel wainscoting is that it is more budget friendly, can be more easily installed and changed.

Achieve a cozy country style with beadboard wainscotingBeadboard is a system of wooden boards that are arranged side by side vertically. It usually comes in a big sheet and can be cut into various sizes. Beadboard wainscoting is ideal for use in cottages or kitchens with a country and barn theme. This type of wainscoting gives a warm and cozy atmosphere while providing great insulation and wall protection too.

Although beadboard wainscoting can be a bit more expensive and harder to maintain than the other types of wainscoting, the distinct look that it creates cannot be matched. Usually painted white, it can also be colored in many different shades to suit the look of your kitchen.

Image source: ACR Villa Skovly

The wainscoting technique has been in existence for centuries, though it was initially used only as protection and insulation. However, thanks to modern techniques and materials, every house can have their own wainscoting not just for its functionalities but also to elevate the interior looks too.

Lightweight materials and quick installation techniques mean that it is cheaper and faster than ever to apply wainscoting to your kitchen walls. From the protection that wainscoting gives to your kitchen walls, it is a worthwhile investment to make, especially in the long-run. Furthermore, with the wide range of styles that it comes in, you can choose a wainscoting decoration that will fit any style in your home, whether modern or traditional, simple or adorned.


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