Get WhatsApp for your MAC or Windows PC in Simple Steps

WhatsApp is one of the widely used messenger apps across the world with around billions of users. With its each update it becomes better than the previous version, and now has numerous features like sharing pictures, videos, documents, voice and video call, end- to- end encryption code security and so on. The only lack that people felt was its non-availability of the desktop version for MAC and Windows PC. But now, WhatsApp is all set to make is users happy as it has now launched the desktop version for MAC and Windows Pc, and the available supported versions are:

• MAC OS X 10.9 and higher

• Windows 8 and higher (32-bit version)

• Windows 8 and higher (64-bit version)

The WhatsApp messenger allows you to synchronize your chats to desktop version for MAC and Windows PC so that you can chat nonstop with your near ones without any obstruction, and with whatever system you feel absolutely comfortable. This desktop version allows you to in a way copy your conversations form your Whatsapp mobile app. However, you would have to follow certain steps:

• Your phone should be switched on while using the desktop version.

• The phone should be kept close to the desktop and with internet connection.

Using this desktop version app is not an issue; it works almost in the same manner as the WhatsApp Web version. It is believed that it also increases the app’s security. Getting the desktop version for MAC and Windows PC is not a big deal; you just need to follow these simple steps:

• Download – from desktop browser, and then download the app on your MAC or Windows PC.

• Scan the QR code – you need to scan the QR code on the computer screen with your WhatsApp phone app so as to connect both the devices.

• Click on the ‘Settings’ icon followed by WhatsApp Web.

• Then, scan the QR code that appears on your PC/ MAC

And now you are good to go. Now, if any time your phone is losing out the battery and you still wish to use WhatsApp, you would be able to use the desktop version of WhatsApp for MAC and Windows PC and continue chatting with your loved ones without any interruption. Using this desktop version for MAC and Windows PC will benefit you as it allows desktop notifications as well as access to all the keyboard shortcuts that you like. It is also fast and at the same time responsive.

Today, WhatsApp messenger has become much more than a messenger site. It is now also used for teacher- parent’s communication in schools and institutions. Some business deals are also taken care of on WhatsApp, and thus in such situations, you cannot afford to stop using it for even a minute. With this, you don’t have to wait for your message to deliver and then wait for the other person to reply. WhatsApp delivers message instantly, and you can also see whether the person you have sent the message to is answering or not. And since now you will be able to get it on your MAC/ Windows PC system, your conversation can go on for long hours even if you cannot use your phone for some reason or the other.

So, stop worrying and get the desktop version for your MAC/ Windows PC as soon as possible. To download it you can go to the site mentioned above, and get the authentic version from there. WhatsApp has always been user-friendly, and so is its desktop version for MAC and Windows PC.

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