How to Impress Your Audience and Ace Your Band Audition

Auditions are nerve –wracking but as an independent artist, who would like to go big, must overcome the anxiety and should live with it.

So if you want to become part of a band and step out to the big scene, do your best act during the audition. Impress your audiences, claim the spot, and ace it with these basic yet proven tips.

Go out and Build Your Network

To become an expert on a certain genre requires consistent practice, enthusiasm, and dedication. Though it may consume hundreds to thousands of hours to get the notes right, it pays off altogether.

Consistent practice is equally important to building your music network. Do not just confine yourself in your room practicing all day. Go out, join groups, network with your fellow musicians, attend concerts nearby, stalk them, and introduce yourself.

Through these, you will be able to meet people who will open your doors to more opportunities. You can learn from them and even tell you about the latest music trends and upcoming band auditions, which you can join and audition.

Do Your Homework

Now that you know where the band auditions are, start filling in the empty plate with information.

Do your research on the band and the event you want to tryout. Know the artists and their credentials. Stalk their website and even social media accounts. Discover their genre. Find networks that have worked with them and ask about their experience.

Before the audition date, know whether the organizers will provide instruments or not. Regardless if it is a yes or no, it is advisable bring your own gears because you don’t know when technical issues will arise. Moreover, who wouldn’t be more confident playing on the gears they’ve been practicing religiously?

It also advisable that you check the band’s outfit and dress up almost similar with them. You can watch their previous gigs and see how they represent themselves. Thus, you can show up on stage the way you are expected.

These information will help a lot in your preparation and can boost your confidence. Moreover, save you from trouble of misinformation. So it really pays to do your research.


Expect the Unexpected

Last minute changes are unpredictable. So, you should expect the unexpected, anticipate the worst, and ready yourself for surprises.

You don’t know who will be watching you. So whether you are playing in front of your rivals, in a small room with the juries, or with the presence of the artists, put your best foot forward and enjoy the time regardless of how long or short you perform.

Instances that you will be asked to play a different genre. It happens occasionally by surprise so flexibility is key.

While being an expert in a specific genre would make you an authority, knowing how to play a variety of music types also work magic.

Stay Professional

You went to the audition venue to show off your skills so once you are done with your act, just leave.

Michael Gallant suggests not to hang-out with peers in the audition venue or even stay to watch the next performers. These small gestures are sign of professionalism.

Leave your calling card or resume to the organizers because they will just reach you out once you are qualified. Or when they asked you to stay, just when you stay.

Show Enthusiasm

Remain focused and driven despite hurdles that may happen during the show time. Stay positive and show eagerness all the time.

This is important not only during auditions but every aspect of life

Your skill is only secondary to your character. Because good character makes you human and this is proven to drive success.

Organizers can even see who is best fit for them.

Acing a band audition for a local show or an international touring gig should be given the same weight and depth of preparation. And following these tips, which were also done by famous musicians today, can help you win the spot.

We wish you good luck!

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