Selfie Trends between Generations

Taking selfies has become quite popular today with various generations now engaging in this trend as well. Selfies are usually taken and meant to be uploaded onto social media and a study conducted on the matter found that Millennial’s are the generation who post the greatest numbers of selfies onto social media sites. Out of the population in the study, 55% of them were Millennials who upload their selfies after which the Gen X generation, Boomer and Silent generations follow at 24%, 9% and 4% respectively.

It is also reported that 1 million selfies are posted on social media sites and apps on a daily basis and the breakdown of this was also conducted by a study which showed the percentages of selfies uploaded onto social media daily. The results revealed Facebook at 48% which is then followed by 27% on WhatsApp, 9% on Twitter, 8% on Instagram, 5% on Snapchat and 2% on Pinterest.

Companies and brands too now make use of this trend as part of their campaigns and branding as it is a unique way for them to engage with various generations of today and to be in line with the latest trend and to interact.

Similar to other things, selfies too can be both good and bad. In terms of their pros, selfies can help people feel confident about how they look and to help them enjoy and simply have fun and to express themselves in a unique way however considering the cons, they may cause individuals to become focused a great deal too much on taking pictures and how they look which can lead to self esteem issues.

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