Seven Ways To Ensure Your Home Is Secure

To many, a home invasion or a burglary is our worst nightmares. It’s almost a physical manifestation of our fears. The fact that someone could break into our home and rob us of our hard earned purchases and our memories. It’s not enough that our debit cards can be skimmed and stolen, but people are still breaking into properties.

It’s not fair, but there a number of safeguards one can take against a breaking and entering or even a burglary.


Install An Alarm:


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Many homes don’t bother with an alarm system, and that’s crazy. An alarm is the single biggest deterrent one can afford against a potential break-in. There are plenty of systems on the market like ADT and Simplisafe, and these alarm reviews compares ADT to Simplisafe so you can make the best decision to protect your home.


Build A Stash:

You can safeguard your valuables by installing a stash into your home. This could be behind a tile in your kitchen or inside an empty beer can. You can even insert a stash into a doorway if you’re inventive. This is a great way to keep your valuables hidden. Leaving them on display is tempting fate.


Don’t Advertise Vacancy:


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No, this isn’t anything to do with employment. Criminals should never have any indication that you are away from a property. A messy lawn or a build up of mail are key signs that the property is currently vacant. Clean your home and you might prevent someone stealing your stuff. Don’t post pictures from your vacation onto social media until you are back.


Make Breaking In A Big Deal:

Breaking into your home shouldn’t be easy, but in most cases it is. Ensure your door can’t be kicked in and ensure all ways of entry into your home are locked at all times when you are not in the property.


Know Your Neighbours:

Your next-door neighbours and the people living around your abode are the best help in a break in. They can look out for you when you’re away and assist in the case of a break in. Get to know them and look out for each other as it is the one of the best, and cheapest, defenses.


Invest In Security:

You don’t need a big bouncer on your doorstep, but a new door or upgrading to double glazed or toughened windows can be a huge deterrent to potential criminals. Don’t wait around if there are weak areas of your property. Upgrade them as soon as possible, and it will add value to your property as well.


Don’t Give Thieves Options:


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If you’ve got tools or ladders on your abode that are unsecured, secure and lock them up as soon as possible. One of the biggest methods of entry on offer to a thief is the options you give them. If you give them saws, axes and ladders, you’re giving them the best way to break in – with your own equipment. Keep it locked and secure at all times.

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