Should We Embrace The Driverless Car?

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The future is now, and the topic on everybody’s lips right now is the driverless car. If you are concerned about the safety of your car now, what is it going to be like when you relinquish all control to an autonomous system that takes you from A to B without you needing to do anything? But there have been instances of automation causing problems, especially the recent story of the driverless Uber that killed a pedestrian in Arizona. As a result, Uber have been ordered to suspend testing these vehicles on public roadways. But with this setback, should we embrace the driverless car in the near future?

The biggest issue driverless vehicles will cut back on is the amount of driver error in the world. Government information shows that driver error is a factor in 94% of car crashes. With common driving errors including fatigue being such a contributory factor towards crashes and deaths, there is support for driverless cars in this respect. And, to an extent, we’re already seeing the impacts of semi-autonomous systems in modern cars. Lane departure warning systems means that so many drivers who aren’t concentrating on the road when they should be are reaping the benefits.

But does this mean that we can get into a car under the influence of alcohol? This is one of the most cagey areas of driverless cars. While many law firms like Colley Firm have various blogs on the effects of drink driving, because driverless cars means that people will have more personal freedom in their vehicle, giving them time to catch up on work, read, and the like, does this mean we are relinquishing all responsibility to these driverless cars? Because the idea of these vehicles that do the work for us gives us the opportunity to reclaim our lives again, and coupled with the fact that overall, vehicle costs and fuel costs will eventually decrease, this is all positive news to our ears.

But with the spanner in the works of the Uber catastrophe, are people going to take driverless cars to their hearts? It doesn’t look likely right now, but there are so many more positives going for it, that it’s only going to be a matter of time. Because there are so many more regulations being put into place to encourage more communal use of vehicles, such as car sharing, using public transport and so forth, combining this with the driverless car, which will be expensive at the outset, means that there will be less congestion on the roads.

It certainly seems that right now, an automated driving system is going to be great for every aspect of our lives. It’s going to make everything more convenient, it’s going to make our lives easier but also have an impact on the environment (and our wallets) for the better. Of course, with every major change, it’s always going to be met with some form of concern, but when Henry Ford proposed an engine instead of a horse as a way to get around, there were many raised eyebrows. This is just another bump in the road towards better transportation for everyone.

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