Why The UK / US Special Relationship Will Thrive After Leaving Europe


The United States and the United Kingdom are some of the strongest political allies in the world. Common ancestry links the citizens of both countries, and they’ve backed each other up in almost every war during the last 100 years except for Vietnam. Many experts voiced concerns on the run up to Brexit that the American people might lose their closest and dearest global friends if the UK decided to leave Europe. Thankfully, it would seem that isn’t going to happen, and there are some very sensible reasons for that.


Combined military ventures

There is no getting away from the fact that the UK and US governments have many joint military operations ongoing around the world. Pulling out of those programs is not an option, and the UK establishment provides guarantees to the American President that they will never consider such an option. Leaving the European Union will only strengthen the cooperation because it removed a significant amount of red tape from the process. The British Government will once again gain full control over their military operations without having to consult bureaucrats on the European continent. Current missions include:

  • Iraq

  • Afghanistan

  • Syria

  • Military bases surrounding Iran

  • Dealing with threats from North Korea


A thriving trade network

Both the UK and the US have thriving trade networks spanning the Atlantic Ocean. The issue before Brexit was that European laws and regulations made it difficult to import some products into Brittain. According to the Prime Minister Theresa May, that will change the moment her country signs its final pact with the EU. That move should further increase trade across the Atlantic, and it will help UK and US business owners to form new and profitable relationships. Companies in the US use many products, chemicals, and ingredients that are banned by the EU. The UK will soon be in a position to import those items without getting itself into trouble.


The potential of new immigration/emigration rules

The head of Lloyd’s Bank Antonio Horta-Osorio claims Brexit will not spell the end of the European Union as predicted by many industry experts. Instead, he believes the move will only create more business between the EU countries and the UK. However, it’s also important to note that citizens could see new immigration and emigration rules from across the pond. President Trump has already announced that he believes Brexit was a positive thing for the British people. Once the UK takes control of its borders and reduced the number of immigrants from Europe, there is a chance the US will make it easier for UK people to relocate and vice versa.

Whatever happens during the next couple of years, one thing is guaranteed; the special relationship between the UK and US will only grow in strength. The finer details of how things will pan out are up in the air at the moment. Nobody knows quite how the deal is going to work and who will make the first moves. However, building more ties between the British and American people is essential at this uncertain time.

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