Ultimate Parents Guide to Internet Safety

Do not play with matches, do not speak to strangers, be attentive while passing the road… We often think that danger for a child can come only from outside world, and while he is at home, he is safe. Especially when the kid is sitting near a computer, and not wandering around the house in search of entertainment. Meanwhile, every access to the Internet today can be compared to a spacewalk.

The World Wide Web is a space created for adults, but it provides a lot of opportunities for training, development, communication for children.To remove it from the child’s life is to limit him, which only worsens the situation and makes a tool for information and communication a forbidden fruit.

Who is responsible for our children online?

Child safety is one of main tasks of a civilized society, so all those who contribute to this society should make sure kids are safe online. And they are:

  1. Government. There should be laws that could protect children from harmful information on the Internet. For example, non-profitable organizations like Common sense media (https://www.commonsensemedia.org/)

    In some Israeli schools, kids learn computer programming in primary schools and 10th-graders take after-school classes in encryption tactics, coding and malicious hacking prevention. The country even has kindergartens that teach computer skills and robotics. The United States and Britain have implemented similar training programs.

2. Search Engines. Many search services and browsers have a lot of settings and widgets that help parents to protect children from inappropriate content on the Internet. And there are search engines that are developed specifically for children. http://www.kiddle.co/ It’s a free, safe and fun way for kids and even their parents to quickly and easily search for educating topics like science, math, geography, or to play in an environment that’s safer and more age-appropriate than traditional, adult search engines.

3. Family. Of course, the most responsible for the safety of children in Internet are parents themselves. After all, only parents can fully control their children.

And with families in mind Everycloud https://www.everycloudtech.com has collected this Child Safety infographic to help parents and guardians to keep their kids safe online. You will know what exactly kids are doing online, what dangers they meet, how to notice if something is wrong with a child and many more useful tips.

Parents need to understand that child’s behavior in the network reflects his real concerns and needs. Open discussion of the situation and understanding, learning new technology together and installing antispam software is priceless towards child life.

Ultimate Parents Guide to Internet Safety

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