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7 days ago

Why Flying is Safer Than Ever Before

Image via Pexels According to The International Air Transport Association (IATA), flying is safer than ever before. This comes as statistics from IATA show that the accident rate in ...

1 week ago

5 Unique Ways To Get Fit

Photo by Laura Stanley from Pexels It’s summer, which means getting fit is on everyone’s mind. But for many people, endless treadmill sessions, spin classes, and HIIT workouts can ...

1 week ago

The New Employee Doesn’t Drive

Walking to work Team player. Google Analytics savvy. Data-driven. Motivated. Tech confident. Job specs use the same jargon over and over again to appeal to applicants. Over the years, ...

2 weeks ago

The Social Media Storm

Image Source Social media is definitely causing a storm in the world. We’re noticing that as time goes on, although so many people love to moan about social media ...