1 Million UK Children Benefit From Improved Classroom Confidence


A UK telecoms company recently invested millions of pounds in improving classroom confidence. It is hoped the move will help all students to get the best service possible from their educators. The scheme has already benefited more than one million young people living in the United Kingdom. All being well, it will continue to have a positive effect and assist in moving the education system forwards. It’s designed to ensure all professionals understand the latest computer technology. It will also help them to pass their knowledge onto students. Let’s take a look at just some of the ways in which your children have gained a new perspective from the scheme.

  • Free teaching resources and workshops

Teachers must remain at the cutting-edge of technology if they want to provide the best information to their students. Most professionals left university a long time ago, and so there is lots of room for improvement. The free resources and volunteer-led workshops help to ensure all teachers have the latest knowledge. So, students will never feel like they’re getting the outdated information again. At the end of the day, the UK will struggle to produce the next generation of computer scientists if their teachers don’t grasp the subject. Thanks to the leading telecoms company BT, the chances of our schools getting things right have just increased.


  • Better information about the latest advancements

Most people in teaching jobs spend a lot of time planning lessons and following the curriculum. You would think that means they always provide the information your kids need most. However, that just isn’t the case. It can take ten years or longer for a new advancement to make its way into the curriculum. With that in mind, teachers need to lead the way and ensure they leave no stone unturned. Educating students about the latest concepts in computer science is a duty. For that reason, young people will not get a better service thanks to the recently increased confidence in the subject.


  • Improved teaching techniques

When teachers have an understanding of modern technology, they can adjust their methods. For example, there’s no point showing someone how to build a database if you can’t provide examples of their potential applications. You get the idea, right? Students deserve to get the full picture to ensure they understand the ins and outs of their computer subjects. Thanks to BT, most teachers now feel confident and knowledgeable enough to provide all the most relevant info to their students.

With one-million students benefiting from improved teacher confidence, the system will improve. It’s just a shame that it takes private companies to make a significant impact. The UK government needs to take notice of the scheme run by BT at the moment and put something similar in place. That is how they will build the authority of their teachers in every single subject. At the end of the day, failure to do that results in the blind leading the blind. That is not how our education system was designed to work, and it will not produce the smartest young people in the world.

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