10 Less-Known Facts about Bow-ties You Need to Know in 2017

Staying up-to date in fashion is what our lifestyles have become. The trend is changing every day and knowing what is the perfect for you are two of the most difficult things about the Fashion Industry.

The trend is mostly set by the youth, mainly by celebrities and brand influencers. Many celebrities believe that fashion is everything that looks good on a person and improves their physical appearance, keeping them comfortable and happy. While some believe that the only concern is that it is what is trending, even though it might not be comfortable.

The trend of bowties smashed into the market some years ago, but its invention dates back hundreds of years. Bowties have replaced traditional ties at some occasions and is acquiring more market share each year.

Know It All

The following are some of the facts about Bowties which will help you understand the different aspects of bowties and also interest you, both professionally (as a business) as well as to stay trending in fashion:

  1. It dates back in the 17th Century

The Croatian soldier were the first to wear a necktie after the Thirty Years of War, to keep their collars of the shirt together. It was immediately adopted by the upper classes, which made it one of the most important part of men’s accessory.

  1. There are three types

There are a total of three different types of bowties which include the pre-tied tie, the clip-on tie and the butterfly tie. All of the three ties have the same application, but the method of application is different because the pre-tied tie can be worn immediately, the clip-on tie is worn by just clipping the ends while the butterfly has a handmade application. The most expensive bowtie ever made is a handcraftedtwo-piece set of 18 carat white gold and 8 carats of white & black diamonds, worth US $ 36,000.

  1. Many unexplored Markets

The world is not a small place, especially for such small accessories. The trend of bowties have doubled up its sales in the United State of America and is slowly acquiring the world, one place at a time. Still, there are many unexplored markets. There are not many varieties of Bowties For Men in UAE, UK and Asia, which is attracting the makers to make Men Neckties for UAE, Asia & other parts of the world and introduce them to the trending world of Bowtie Fashion.

  1. Iran banned it in 1979

Post the Islamic Revolution in 1979, it was declared that the place was an Islamic Republic and bowties & neckties were found to be un-Islamic, decadent and ‘symbols of the Cross’ & the oppressive West. People are allowed to wear it, but the sale of ties and bowties are banned since then.

  1. Not just a formal accessory

The invention of bowties was to use it as a formal fashion accessory, but soon it turned out to be a multi-use item. Individuals started wearing it at casual parties, get-togethers and even high school proms; making it a youth-favorite fashion accessory and removing the ‘formal’ connotation from it.

  1. Looks better than traditional ties

Some individuals find it as a replacement for traditional ties because of its application, but it is not so. It is true that many are finding it to be better than traditional ties, but maybe it is because of the uniqueness and low acceptance by the large population, which makes the individual stand out of the crowd. My advice to all would be to accept the trend as soon as possible because the high growth rate will soon remove the uniqueness and make it common, just like traditional ties.

  1. Less Fabric is used

Bowties, when compared with traditional ties, shows that the former is more economical as it uses less fabric than the latter. The former is more trending because of its uniqueness and it is growing at an exponential rate while the latter is common and has a linear growth rate.

  1. Can be used for branding

Many brands are using bowties for branding their products like beer bowties, Marvel & DC bowties and many more. It can be used as more than a fashion accessory, but also as an item to advertise other products. It can be used as per different fashion week’s themes to market other products as mentioned above.

  1. Girls can wear it too

It was invented as a men’s fashion accessory until recently when female celebrities started wearing it too. The market blew up for bowties because it is no longer just men’s neckties, but now a unisex fashion accessory. The female bowtie industry is not as evolved or popular as of now, but the growing rate makes it seem not very far as well.

  1. Bulletproof ties are available too

Advancement in fashion has led to some weird innovations with fashion accessories and same is the case with bowties. Some innovators have invented bulletproof and sword-proof bowties which are not just fashionable but also safe. It is useful for politicians or businessmen with life-risks and compulsory engagements to attend to. Along with a bulletproof vest, a bulletproof bowtie can help him look handsome as well as keep him safe & sound.

Wear What You Can Carry

Things look good on you, if you feel confident in them and are comfortable to wear it. Individuals can buy clothes, accessories and footwear in less money or spend hundreds of dollars, it does not matter. What matters is the fact that the product that is bought looks good on you and makes you feel comfortable & confident, which is why it is worn.

Some individuals confuse fashion with what is trending and buy/ wear products which does not suit them or makes them feel uncomfortable. They should understand that fashion is everything that makes you look good and feel comfortable, as already mentioned above.

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