10 things to do during a Government Shutdown!

10 things to do during a Government


1. Spend Time with your family, If your not out trying to find some extra money because you haven’t been paid in almost 2 weeks.


2. Read a book about how to survive a shutdown.


3. Clean out your business that way you don’t have to do it later when the shutdown forces you to close.


4. Watch the Dems and Reps fight like children only if you didn’t sell your Television for extra cash.


5. Write a book about the shutdown and how it is affecting you and your family, only if you can afford the paper and pencils.


6. Setup a civilian run organization to take over when the Government fails us.


7. Watch Miley Cyrus on MTV, Because she is more important then what is happening with our country.


8. Send your pacifiers and baby bottles to the Democrats and Republicans because they need them, or just sell them for extra cash.


9. Spend your tax money because frankly if the Government is shut then they don’t need the money .


10. Finally throw one big celebration for Obama who finally sat down and started negotiating.

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