The 15 Most Stylish 2017 Golden Globe Nominees

This Monday morning was exiting for the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. The nominees voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association are already announced and we are waiting for the best looks. Check out the 15 most stylish celebrities for 2017 Golden Globe Nominees.

Jessica Chastain (Miss Sloane)

It’s beyond discussion that Jessica Chastain is one of the most attractive redheads in Hollywood with her unique style that makes her look younger. Her classic and elegant style with matching makeup ideas and hairdos inspire many women over 40. She is a so fresh and youthful in her glamorous looks.

Ruth Negga (Loving)

Ruth Negga is the next stunning 2017 Golden Globe Nominees celebrity considered as a trendsetter especially among black ladies. Her most eye-catching transformation is her short black haircut. It brings out her facial features and draws attention to her eyes. She combines this clay pixie cut with straight hairstyles to look neater and classier and goes for waves to get flattering effects for casual looks.

Lily Collins (Rules Don’t Apply)

Lily Collins is a real cutie who stands out with her lavishing style. Leaving alone the fact that she is a big fan of natural eyebrows and bold makeups, she is also a stunner who plays with a variety of haircuts and hairstyles. The best part about her haircuts is that she is gorgeous both in short and long styles. We love her effortless casual looks and fairy festive experiments.

Emma Stone (La La Land)

Blonde or redhead Emma Stone is a fabulous woman with a capturing tenderness in her overall look. She always opts for the right haircuts and hair colors to look younger. Many copy her copper shade even today. She prefers neat and elegant outfits with fewer accessories. Her style is called simple yet sophisticated.

Hailee Steinfeld (The Edge of Seventeen)

Being a seductive brunette Hailee Steinfeld knows how to deal with the latest trends to look more beautiful. Her stylist works harder to enhance her femininity and inner charm. It seems as if there isn’t a makeup idea of shade that doesn’t suit Hailee Steinfeld.

Michelle Williams (Manchester By The Sea)

If you want to play with radical changes and transformations then look at Michelle Williams. She is not afraid of short haircuts. Moreover, she dyes her hair in blonde to soften this boyish style and gets even prettier looks. Its sleek and straight nature compliments the classiest outfits and dresses. She keeps her style in the mixture of posh elegance and classy.

Naomie Harris (Moonlight)

Naomie Harris is a brave actress who is not afraid of showing up without makeup and still feels so confident. Her dark skin allows her to go for simple makeup ideas for formal days. We basically see her in the same long layered hairstyle but she experiments with trendy outfits and the like.

Damien Chazelle (La La Land)

As for men, the first hot guy on our list is Damien Chazelle with his youthful style. His curly haircuts and contrasting sporty and classic styles create the most attractive looks for him.

Dev Patel (Lion)

Dev Patel is becoming fancier day by day. Remember him in a short haircut and traditional casual style? Today he rocks medium curls with matching beards, gorgeous designer watch and appears in stunning fashionable looks.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Nocturnal Animals)

Whatever he tries he sparkles with his super masculinity. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood. He sometimes changes her look with new haircuts but they are always curly and so flattering with those full beards. His handsome personality draws attention both in sporty and formal looks.

Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)

There are celebrities who become more handsome by the time. It’s all about Ryan Reynolds. His modern undercuts and beards combined with any style give many guys the idea on how to deal with the trendy undercut haircut.

Simon Helberg (Florence Foster Jenkins)

Simon Helberg has a unique individuality and a flashy look. His style is unrepeatable starting from his haircuts and hairstyles. He has a hypnotizing facial expression, which keeps all eyes on his cool looks.

Colin Farrell (The Lobster)

Do you think that Colin Farrell is youthful and fresh-looking in spite of his age? He continues to be attractive and so posh. His greyish hairstyles with manly beards make him very stylish. This lavishing man is astounding in trendy suits and neat outfits.

Casey Affleck (Manchester By The Sea)

Casey Affleck grabs attention with his brunette hair and light eyes. This rare combination captures many hearts. Whatever he tries suits his complexion and gorgeous look. He makes everyone fall in love with his fancy looks.

Mahershala Ali (Moonlight)

Mahershala Ali is 2017 Golden Globe Nominees’ fabulous star with his superb masculinity. He looks quite powerful in his traditional manly styles. He keeps up with the trends to opt for the best options.



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