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Technology has never sat still, and that’s certainly true today! Sony are allowing consumers to pre-order VR headsets, and Amazon are talking about making deliveries via drone. These are just a couple of ways that technology is rapidly changing the world we live in. From consumer products to healthcare, there are all kinds of ways that new tech is going to change the way we live. Here are some of the most exciting!


Image source: Wikimedia

First of all, driverless cars. If you ever saw the brilliant I, Robot, then you’ll know this has already been the focus of sci-fi. By the looks of things, we’re quickly going to see driverless cars become a reality! Google’s driverless car functions using an AI linked up to cameras built into the car and a sensor on the roof. This may not sound quite as reliable as a human driver. However, Google’s model has successfully driven over 1000 kilometres without any human input. You can probably count the years on your hands until we start seeing these on the roads. The main challenge faced by developers is fitting this technology into an affordable vehicle!


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Next, Leap Motion. Touch screens are nothing new. In fact, you’re probably using your thumb or finger to scroll down this article. However, the tech from http://leapmotion.com takes this a step further. This developing tech will allow you to control a desktop or other device without even touching the screen! Motion sensors have been incorporated in similar pieces of kit before, but have had certain limitations. With this, you’ll be able to zoom in and out, scroll up and down pages. Pretty much everything you’d be able to do on a mobile device! Inevitably, the world of gaming has taken a keen interest in Leap Motion. A first-person shooter game has been produced to work with this tech. Considering it costs just 70 USD, this is certainly an exciting development to look forward to.


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Genetic engineering has also seen considerable leaps in recent years. The cloning of Dolly the Sheep was seen as a huge leap forward, but many other developments have been in the works since then. If you weren’t already aware, we now have goats which are infused with spider DNA! Genome editing is a concept which has been around since 2010, but has only really taken off through companies like this: http://poseida.com/collaborations/ . Recent developments have meant that it’s become easier to remove harmful genes from a complex genome. This is done through artificially creating modules and bonds, and using them to replace defective or unwanted genes. There’s no limit to what this can mean in medicine, but we’re expected to see it in agriculture first. Genome editing could be used to breed meatier pigs and sheep with more wool. Whether this idea excites or terrifies you, it’s certainly interesting!

Seeing all of these futuristic technologies becoming closer to reality is certainly thrilling. As we move into the future, it will be fascinating to see how these technologies actually manifest. As always, still no word on flying cars!

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