3 Golden Rules To Live By In A Successful Relationship

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Relationships can be precarious things that hang finely in balance. One small thing can knock it over. At least, this is the case in relationships that aren’t secure. If you have a successful and secure relationship, then nothing can make you budge.

As it happens, there are some golden relationship rules that everyone should follow. They will help you stick to the boundaries of your relationship and lead to mutual respect between partners.

Be open and trust one another

Trust is one of the key shared values that are essential for relationships. You can’t build a relationship if there’s no trust. A good way to create trust is to be open. Talk to one another about things and don’t have any secrets. Secrets lead to problems. Even if you think you’re helping your partner by keeping something secret, you’re not. Be open and trust one another, and you will have the foundations of a great relationship.

Don’t demand anything from your partner

You can’t demand that your partner gives or owes you anything. The same holds true for them with you. If you feel like it’s your right to have dinner waiting when you come home or to have sex with your partner whenever you want, then you’re wrong. In fact, you’re so far wrong you’re almost in another dimension. Your partner is your partner, not your personal chef. If they’re not in the mood for sex, then you don’t have sex – forcing them to do otherwise is sexual assault. The two of you are in a partnership, so you can’t demand things from one another. You can ask for favors, but you have to pull your weight as well. Never assume that your partner should do things for you just because they’re your partner. That’s not how relationships work!

Help each other grow

Some relationships are purely physical and revolve around sex. You might move in together, you may act like you’re happy, but if sex was taken away, then the relationship would crumble. The same thing can also be said about emotional relationships. Either way, you rely too much on one thing to hold you together. Instead, you need to have a relationship where you help each other grow. You encourage one another to pursue new things. You take an interest in your partner’s interests. Together, you can achieve amazing things as individuals. The physical and emotional sides of your relationship still exist. If anything, they flourish! When two people are supportive of one another and help each other grow, that’s when a relationship is truly successful.

As a general rule, if you live by these three rules, then you’ve done all you can to have a great relationship with someone. Of course, they must reciprocate it as well. This is why so many relationships will fail. It can be hard enough for one person to follow these rules, let alone two. But, it’s well worth the effort. When you both follow these rules, you unlock a relationship that’s so special nothing can break it.

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