3 Great Cars That Are Ideal For Families

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Cars are a great hobby but they are primarily a practical purchase. When you’re younger, you can get away with picking your cars based purely on style and how fun they are to drive. But once you start a family, all of that goes out of the window. You need something that isn’t going to be too expensive to run and has plenty of space to get everybody in. If you’ve started a family recently and it’s time to get rid of your old car and upgrade to something a bit more practical, these are the best large family cars on the market.

Volkswagen Polo

A lot of people go straight for the big SUVs when they’re looking for a good family car and, while they’re good, they’re not your only option. There are plenty of great small hatchbacks, like the Volkswagen Polo that are ideal for families. One of the major benefits of the new Polo is that it has amazing safety features, which is always a priority for families. The comfortable interior and extensive dashboard features make the Polo feel like a much bigger car than it actually is. The boot is very spacious which is great for long trips with the family and it’s incredibly easy to fit a car seat in there as well. The standard engines aren’t great but if you pay the extra to upgrade to the turbocharged 95hp 1.0 litre engine, it’s very powerful but economical at the same time. It’s very comfortable to drive and handles sharp corners with ease.

Toyota RAV4

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If you do want to go for something more spacious if you’ve got a larger family, the Toyota RAV4 is a great option. The RAV4 is a slightly more expensive choice than a lot of similar cars on the market but you can get some good toyota truck deals if you find the right dealer. The interior is nice and spacious and it has great climate controls so everybody will be comfortable in the summer. The hybrid model is incredibly eco-friendly as well so you’ll save a lot of money on fuel which is a big bonus when you’re trying to balance a family budget. The battery stores energy while you’re driving so your fuel use is incredibly limited. The RAV4 also comes equipped with off-road capabilities which you probably won’t need that often, but it does mean you’re not going to struggle in bad weather.

Peugeot 3008

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The new model Peugeot 3008 has a very different look to the older model but that’s not a bad thing. The updated model is way more stylish than the older one and the denim interior is surprisingly comfortable. There’s plenty of space in the front seats due to the high ceilings and the flat floor and wide middle seats give you plenty of room in the back for everybody to be comfortable. The boot space isn’t compromised by the large back seats either so you’ll never be struggling for room. If it’s space that you’re after, the Peugeot 3008 is the best option.

Finding the right family car is all about considering your own needs, but these 3 are great all rounders that work for most people.

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