3 Reasons That Your Customers Don’t Trust You

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Earning the trust of your customers is vital to business success. They won’t part with their cash if they don’t trust you, especially if you’re selling goods online and they have to give you their details. There are plenty of different ways to build that trust but they’re all irrelevant if you’re making mistakes that break trust between you and your customers. If you’re struggling to make sales and you can’t work out why, you could be making one of these fatal mistakes.

Data Loss

Breaches in data protection are big news and if you lose customer data, you’ll have to inform them of that. They’ll never deal with you again and they’ll probably advise all of their friends and family to steer clear of your company as well. That’s why it’s vital that you’re taking measures to protect the sensitive information that you hold about all of your customers. Sometimes, you’ll lose data because you’ve been the victim of a cyber attack so you should put the necessary security measures in place. However, a common way that people get hold of it is when the files are transferred to another computer that isn’t so secure. To combat that, you need secure file transfer services from sites like ipswitch.com/secure-file-transfer. They’ll help you make sure that the information is sufficiently protected whenever you’re sending files from one place to another. When customers trust that you can take good care of their personal information, they’re more likely to spend money with you.

Products Don’t Work As Promised

We’ve all been victim to this at some point; you see an advert for a product and it looks incredible, but when you get it in your hands, it doesn’t do half of the things that the advert suggested. If that happens, you’re never going to buy anything from that company again because you can’t be sure what you’ll actually get. It’s tempting to exaggerate the features of your product in marketing materials to boost your sales but it’ll come back to bite you if you do. In some cases, you could be charged with false advertising. If you have to bend the truth to get people to buy your product, you need to ask yourself whether it’s really that good. A good product should have enough positive features that can sell it without having to lie. If you don’t have that, it might be time to go back to the drawing board and redesign your products.

Not Allowing Reviews


Customer reviews are more important than ever and most consumers will check them before making any purchasing decisions. Visit invespcro.com for more information on the benefits of a review section on your site. It’s the easiest way for customers to get completely impartial information about the quality of your product. A good company will be happy to put all the reviews up on their site because the majority will be positive. If you don’t put reviews on your site for whatever reason, the customer will automatically assume that you’ve got a lot of bad feedback and you want to hide it. Any product is going to have some bad reviews but as long as there are mainly good ones, you’ll be fine. If you feel the need to hide reviews because they’re mainly bad, that suggests you need to rethink the product rather and then you’ll start getting some good reviews.

If you’re making these mistakes, potential customers won’t trust you and they won’t be willing to give you their hard earned cash.

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