3 Shared Values That Are Essential In Relationships

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When you are dating, you will often look for partners that have shared interests. It’s a good way to get conversation flowing on a date so it is important to some extent, but don’t get too caught up in it. People often write off potential partners because they don’t have much in common, even though they might be very compatible. But that can be a big mistake because shared interests are not that important when it comes to compatibility. The thing you really need to consider are shared values. You can have a good relationship with somebody that doesn’t share your hobbies, but it’s hard to make a relationship work if you don’t share the same core values. These are some of the most important shared values in a relationship.


Trust is central to all relationships and it’s a two way street. If you don’t trust your partner or they don’t trust you, the relationship is not likely to work out. But this can be difficult because people have a different idea of how trust should work in a relationship. For example, some people don’t mind if their partner engages in a bit of harmless flirting, but some people consider that a breach of trust. There can also be trust issues if your partner has cheated in previous relationships, even though they maintain that they won’t do the same to you. It’s important that you have the same definition of boundaries and trust within a relationship. If you don’t, arguments are likely to happen and the relationship will break down.


Your lifestyle can cause some big clashes as well. For example, if you are the kind of person that loves city life and your partner prefers a quiet countryside life, what happens if you want to move in together? There are ultimately going to be clashes and one person will always feel like they are compromising on their values. Things like religion and culture can be tricky as well if it is a big part of your life. In that instance, it may be advisable to look on dating sites that match people from certain cultures together. For example, there are some great sites like arab lounge that match people from arab countries together. If your lifestyle has a big impact on your relationships and you are not willing to make compromises for a partner, it may be best to look for people that already share that lifestyle.

Conflict Resolution

People often make the mistake of thinking that when they find that perfect person, they won’t argue. Unfortunately, that’s not the way that life works and you will always disagree in a relationship. The important thing is that you deal with that conflict in the right way, so you need to find somebody that shares your values in this area. If you want to talk things out and they want to get some space for a while until things have calmed down, you will become frustrated with one another when you have disagreements.

Finding somebody with these shared values is a lot more important than finding somebody that shares your interests if you are looking for a long term relationship.

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