3 Shocking Statistics About Auto Accidents In 2018

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Car accidents and any other accidents that take place on the roads are usually very serious. Even when they don’t result in fatal injuries, the effects of a crash can have a bearing on an individuals life for many months to come.

If you’ve never been involved in an auto accident, then you’re incredibly lucky. In fact, some of you may only witness a handful in your lifetime, which leads you to believe they’re a rare occurrence. However, this couldn’t be further from the case! As these shocking stats will show you, car accidents are not only frequent but usually very serious.

Over 40,000 People Died In Car Accidents Last Year

There’s good news and bad news with regards to auto accident fatalities in the US. The good news is, there were fewer deaths in 2017 compared to 2016. The bad news is, there were still over 40,000 victims of fatal accidents, and this is worryingly looking like it will rise by next year. Some experts suggest this is down to the rise in autonomous vehicles, with humans putting more trust in cars to drive themselves. There have already been a few car crashes this year alone where a malfunctioning self-driving vehicle was to blame.

Over 130,000 People Were Injured By Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles have long been one of the primary culprits with regards to auto accidents. The most recent stats on this, from Hasner Law Firm, state that 138,000 people were injured as the result of a crash with a large truck or bus. That’s a staggering amount of people, and around about a tenth of all fatalities on the road was also the result of trucks or buses. The main reason behind this stat is simply that these vehicles are harder to drive and present more risks. There are more blind spots, which makes it easier to miss certain things on the road and create a severe accident.

Nearly A Third Of Fatalities Are Caused By Speeding

It may shock you to know that 27% of auto accidents are caused by speeding. This usually means cars are driving above the speed limit at the point of the crash. This figure may not seem that high, but take into consideration all the other possible causes of fatal accidents as well. There are plenty caused by distractions, drunk driving, cell phone use, drugs, bad weather, and traffic light incidents. For speeding to occupy nearly 30% of all accidents, with these other issues all coming into play too, that’s pretty shocking. It’s even worse when you consider how long we’ve known that speeding kills. There are plenty of adverts on TV and around the highways, but people still continue to drive at reckless speeds, leading to accidents.

These three stats may surprise you as you didn’t realize how severe auto accidents were, or how many people were affected by them. The good news is, as more auto manufacturing companies place emphasis on safety technology, we may see these stats decrease in the coming years. Whether that means one, two, or three years, we don’t know. But, the future is certainly hoping to be more accident-free.

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