3 Unusual Roles In The Sports Industry

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It’s not uncommon for people to dream about hearing their names included in the major leagues for any sports fan. However, most of this is just a dream and rarely a reality. Fortunately, through our love of sports doesn’t fade, and many of the people become the backbone of the sporting industry and how it runs.

There are more ways than ever that you are able to incorporate your love for sports into a career that you can be proud of. These consist of all sorts of roles from customer service right through to highly trained medical jobs. While there may be the positions out there for those who may have aspirations of being the next voice we hear while we enjoy the match, or who want to be the next face on the sports channels, the fact is that jobs for reporters and announcers are few between.

Have a look at these three roles in the sports industry that you may not think about but can be lucrative career choices to make:

Athletic Trainer

The purpose of an athletic trainer is to assist patients with the prevention and treatment of muscle and bone issues that have arisen or may arise in the future. You will complete tasks such as instant assessments of injuries and delivering first aid services on site. You will be working closely with a physician who will be in charge of determining any treatments. You may also then go on to develop a plan of action with athletes to help prevent any future injuries or minimize risks of repeat injury strains. You will find athletic trainers in a vast array of areas that sports take place such as schools, colleges, or for professional sports teams. You will need to be trained in this role, so it’s essential to look into the educational side of this role.


Good with maths and numbers? Then this good is the role for you. Statisticians are the people responsible for collecting all the information and providing conclusions that sports fans love to shout about, often known as the stats. You can expect to collect and analyze data regarding everything, including simple stat-keeping, creating surveys, and assisting with recruitment with the knowledge of figures. If you are particularly good with number payperhead247.com may also have a job role to interest you. If you are interested in becoming a statistician, then it’s worth noting you will need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to be in this role.

Physical Therapist

Another medical role you can add to your list, as they’re often the ones that people forget about but can be different each day and pay well. The primary role of a physical therapist is to help patients to manage their pain and recover from sickness, injuries, and surgeries through rehabilitation. You can expect to be providing care to athletes who are recovering from injuries or long-term illness. You will sometimes take on the role of diagnosis too. There are several different roles in this area that can lead you right through to higher management.

Do you have any other unusual roles in the sports industry that should be included on this list? Please share them in the comments section below.

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