3 Ways To Fall Back In Love With Your Old Car

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When you’re either car shopping or thinking of getting rid of your old motor, there are two types of people – optimistic and pessimistic. The optimist looks at a car no matter how damaged and sad it looks and sees the potential and an opportunity to make it something great. A pessimist, however, looks at a second hand motor and see’s something they assume can’t possibly be roadworthy, and thus spend a ton more buying something newer so that they don’t have to succumb to more work. If you’re thinking of whether or not to trade in the old motor that’s treated you perfectly well over the years, maybe think about giving it a second chance. If your love for your car is dwindling, here are a few ways to reignite the passion, and fall back in love with your motor.

Hand Wash

You could take your car through a generic car wash, but if you do, you miss the appreciation stage of seeing your vehicle transform from start to middle, to finish. Getting your hands a bit dirty and scrubbing the roof to the insides of the doors will give you a sense of pride and ownership that you don’t really achieve from an ordinary car wash. Give it the full works, from a bubble bath from top to bottom, rinse, dry, wax and buff! See it shine, and restore the twinkle in your eye for your old vehicle.

Paint It

Sometimes we’ve neglected our car so much, it had no chance of withstanding the elements, and now through no fault of its own, the exterior has begun to deteriorate. It could be the case of a few DIY touch ups by you, OR it could mean investing in Automotive paint supply for a professional repaint! Think you could paint it any color you like (within reason). The look of a car is mostly judged by its coat. So why not give your old vehicle a hand, and give it a new lease of life with a fresh new color. To either accentuate it’s retro roots or give it a fighting chance of defending itself in the harsh weather.


Cars regularly become your second home. And so all of your junk begins to pile up in the boot and down the back of your seats. There are probably valuables in there you haven’t seen in years. Meanwhile, your car has kept these safe and tucked away in anticipation that one day you’ll need them. So why not give your vehicle a little respect and clean it out. From old Mcdonald’s rubbish to random bottles, shoes, smelly gym gear and so on. A good declutter can help you to think straight in your car, and realize it’s not as bad as you once thought.

Newer, flashy cars quickly turn heads – but they also have a hefty price tag attached, not to mention no real promise that they won’t break down. Chances are you’ve invested a lot in changing the parts of your existing car to date and sometimes the saying ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’ speaks some truth. So why not give your old motor a second chance, and initiate some of the above suggestions.

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