3 Ways The US Secretly Monitors Kim Jong Un In North Korea


The United States government and security services use some interesting technology when it comes to monitoring North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The country is notoriously secretive, and those intelligence agents have to use lots of different methods to spy on the Supreme leader and attempt to learn more about his activities and movements. That is of particular importance at the moment as rising tensions have caused concerns in the area. Kim Jong Un is currently in a battle of wills with the US and South Korea that could descend into World War 3. So, the methods of surveillance below might seem advanced and impressive, but they should come as no surprise.


Satellite Monitoring

The US has hundreds of spy satellites covering the entire globe. The technology allows professionals to zoom-in on almost any location and terrain on the planet. The government uses that tech to spy on Kim when he attends official events and press conferences. They then attempt to follow the leader after such events to learn more about his travel habits and find the locations of his private residences. Spies will also use the technology to look for Kim’s nuclear weapons factories and research centers. So, they’re pretty useful pieces of kit. The best things about satellite monitoring are:

  • No need to put a human life at risk
  • North Korea has no idea when they’re being watched


Digital Monitoring

While the official line is that North Korean people don’t have access to the internet, it is possible to get around the blocks created by the government. Indeed, many of the individuals in power in North Korea have uncensored access to the web just like everyone else in the world. That means it’s easy for the US to spy on their online activities just as they would with any criminals at home. Again, that’s a brilliant method of surveillance because Kim Jong Un and his associates have no idea it’s when and if it’s happening. Also, the Hermit Kingdom doesn’t have the same level of knowledge of computers as the US government. So, it’s easy to spy undetected.


Secret Agent Monitoring

Many people might have trouble believing this, but there are lots of spies inside North Korea. However, readers should forget James Bond for a moment because most of the double agents in the DPRK also work for the government. According to experts from Spy Centre Inc, those professionals will use a range of different equipment to record and send information to their handlers. The individuals do that because they oppose the regime but aren’t robust enough to fight against it. Of course, anyone spying in North Korea will face the death penalty, and so those folks risk their lives for the US every single day.

Now readers know about just some of the ways in which the US government monitors Kim Jong Un in North Korea, it is hoped the rhetoric about nuclear war won’t seem quite as realistic. The DPRK has a small air force of old Soviet planes, and almost every missile they fire ends up breaking into pieces. The country is not as much of a threat as the TV news would have people believe. Also, the US watches every movement made inside the Hermit Kingdom, so they will know well in advance if there is any need to worry.

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