3D Printed Gun Blueprints Downloaded 100,000

OK, So I was scrolling some News Feeds and found this Article.

So many people have been wondering what will 3D printing bring to the table and are there limits?
Well with some Help from Kim Dotcom  There were 100,000 Downloads of 3D Printed Guns in Just Two Days! 

Remarkable right Now people may be doing this because of all the Panic with the Gun control, But it may also be extremely cheaper to buy a Printer and Make Your own rather than But one.
This goes without saying what about Gun lords etc. If they get there Hands on a printer they would have unlimited weapons.

But this just goes to show you the capability of those who have 3D Printing Technology and What it is Capable of. What Do You Think of This News ?Follow Me @JasonGoyette on Twitter
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