4 Compelling Reasons You Should Buy A Volvo In 2017

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Buying a car presents you with a very tough choice. There are so many different manufacturers out there, how do you know which ones are better than others? It’s likely your attention will turn to the ‘big’ names in the auto industry such as Ford, BMW, or Toyota. As a consequence, you could miss out on some great cars from other brands that perhaps don’t get a share of the spotlight, like Volvo.

Volvo is a Swedish manufacturer that’s been operating for many years. They’re fairly well-known but are usually shunned for more popular brands. However, I’m going to give you a few reasons you should give them more attention, and buy a Volvo as your next car.


They’re ‘Built For The Future’

If you take a look at the new Volvo range on their website, you see they make a big deal of advertising them as being ‘built for the future’. This means the cars are packed full of technology to help them last longer and not feel out of place in the years to come. Cars like the XC90 come with 360-degree cameras, parking assist, and a high-performance hybrid engine. You know that if you buy a Volvo now, you probably won’t have to get a new car for a good decade or so.

They’re Incredibly Safe And Reliable

Safety and reliability are two things at the top of your list of car priorities. Volvo’s are well renowned for being incredibly safe and reliable. In fact, most of their cars are built with safety as the first thing in mind. All the flashy extras come in after that. When you own one of these cars, you know you’re safe and sound. You know you won’t spend thousands of pounds every year repairing your Volvo either. They rarely break down, they’re strong enough to handle little bumps and bruises, you’ve just got a very solid car. All Volvo’s are like this, and it’s reflected in their design. They’re all built to look very strong and stable, you’re buying a car you can trust.

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They’ve Got Inner Beauty

A lot of people want a flashy car that looks great on the outside. But, it’s what’s inside that really counts. Volvo hit the nail on the head with their car interiors. They make you feel like you’re sitting inside a premium, luxury car. Everything is very simple and elegant, it reminds me of the inside of a modern boardroom. Plus, it makes the driving experience better as the dashboard isn’t cluttered and all the buttons are neatly and clearly laid out too. If there’s one thing the Swedes are good at, it’s designing interiors!

They’re Affordable

Compared to other manufacturers, Volvo offers extremely affordable cars. They more than stand up to their direct rivals, and their value on the used car market is insane. Used Volvo’s represent some of the best bargains ever, and there are loads of great ones out there.

If you’re sick of buying expensive cars from the ‘flashy’ manufacturers, why not get a Volvo instead? They look great, run extremely well, are remarkably safe, and won’t cost a fortune!

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