4 Reasons Hondas Are Incredible Popular In The US

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Fords and American-made muscle cars used to dominate the landscape in the past, but this isn’t the case any longer. There has been a Japanese invasion due to the likes of Toyota and Honda. The latter, in particular, are incredibly popular on US roads. It ranks as number eight on a list of the most well-liked cars in wealthy neighborhoods, for example. Plus, the likes of California, Washington D.C and North Carolina all prefer a Honda.

So, it begs the question: why? What is behind the acceptance of Japanese cars such as Honda in America? Here are a few thoughts.


Take a look at the popular cars by state and you’ll see a pattern. The traditional strongholds of American manufacturers are still loyal to the likes of Ford F150. However, outside of the likes of Texas and the Deep South, there is a shift and it’s due to the practicality of Honda. For one thing, the models are cheap – $23,000 is the most affordable on the list of top 10 cars in rich neighborhoods. Plus, they are reliable, safe and fuel-efficient. In short, Honda builds a car to cover every base instead of one that focuses on raw power and speed. The latter is important in some quarters, yet most of America prefers a balance.


And, it’s not as if there is only one car on the market that ticks all the boxes. Sure, the Honda Civic is popular but it’s not the only vehicle on people’s wish list. A Honda Accord is a mid-size sedan that is perfect for families and people with kids, while a CR-V is their version of an SUV. FYI – the CR-V was the best selling SUV in the US in 2016. With a better range of vehicles to choose from, the customer gets more bang for their buck in every sense of the phrase. They even offer electric and hybrid versions.

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There’s another reason Hondas are affordable – they are made in America. Yep, 12 plants in the US churn them out for public consumption at an alarming rate. The Honda Division in America made 90,000+ between January 2018 and 2019 compared to Acura which only manufactured 9,000. As a result, Honda is one of the top made-in-USA cars along with Toyota. This not only makes cars less expensive; it also raises awareness of the brand. Whereas foreign vehicles were seen as exotic trash, they are now regarded as adopted Americans.


Thanks to their popularity, this means they are easily accessible but not in the way you may think. Yes, you can find one at any dealership and that’s a plus point. Another selling feature is the fact that any garage or mechanic understands the inner workings of the main models. So, there shouldn’t be any problems getting them fixed or finding parts for repairs if it breaks down by the side of the road.

Of course, judging by the reliability, the likelihood of this happening is very low, to say the least.

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