4 Safe Driving Habits To Adopt Now

You might think you’re a pretty safe driver already, but do you practice the 4 habits we’re going to list here? Below are 4 habits you should adopt now if you want to stay as safe as possible on the road – and keep the people in your vehicle as safe as possible, too. Take a look!

  1. Avoid Distractions

Make sure you avoid distractions at all costs when you’re driving. Your phone should be in the glovebox so you’re not tempted to use it, and so your notifications don’t catch your eye. If you’re using it as a satnav, make sure it’s all set up before you start driving.

  1. Control Your Emotions

Road rage can mean making silly mistakes. When you get in the car, set the intention not to succumb to feelings of rage and anger. Someone might cut you up, but you don’t have to tailgate them shouting and swearing. Try to take a deep breath and let it go.

  1. Check Your Car Over Before You Set Off

Give your car a quick check before you set off, especially before long journeys. Failure to do this could mean using a car that isn’t road safe. It’s best not to risk it!

  1. Know How To React If You Get Pulled Over

There’s a chance you could get pulled over. Make sure you know how to react and stay safe if you do get pulled over. You can find the best advice on how to react in the infographic below.

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