4 Surprising Career Paths For Lawyers

Does law degree mean an attorney career?

Whether you were a fan of Boston Legal or you know by heart all the episodes of Ally McBeal, you might have thought that the main believe that the only career option with a law degree is to work in a law firm. The abundance of lawyer-focused TV shows seems to indicate that anybody who starts law studies will end up either as a lawyer or as a judge. As a result, it can be difficult to law students or current lawyers to imagine that there is a lot more to do than just standing in a Court of Law day after day. But here are four of the most surprising things you could do with a law degree.

You might end up on TV

If you’ve found yourself watching Judith Sheindlin in Judge Judy, you know that there’s a path of fame to a law career. Judge Judy is a reality court show showing real cases in arbitration by a former court judge. Judy is not only sassy, but she’s also a retired judge with a lot of experience under her belt. You can also choose to embrace an advising career on TV, especially in cases referring to accident and injury cases. Indeed, judging by the increase in advertising and written content about managing an accident that wasn’t caused by the victim, there’s room for an attorney real tv show to advise on these topics.

You could become a politician

If you’ve been checking the members of Congress recently, you’ve probably noticed a major trend. Many members come from real professions before being elected, such as Mike Crapo who practised law in Idaho Falls before being first elected to an open seat in Congress. In fact, a majority of senators have a legal background. Two-fifth of the common members of Congress were lawyers! When it comes to recent Presidents, both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama studied law.


The Congress

You can be an entrepreneur

Jacqueline Dinsmore, one of the founders of Luvali Convertibles the brand of reversible bags that create several looks with one item, started her career as a corporate lawyer in Canada. She sees a direct correlation between her studies and her entrepreneurship, as she believes that her legal background helps her to understand and negotiate contracts for her business. More often than not, legal knowledge can be extremely useful when you decide to launch your own company, as it will provide the necessary guidance to avoid most of the mistakes of new entrepreneurs.

You could become a storyteller

Have you read the latest John Grisham’s? If you haven’t, The Rooster Bar is a bestseller. But if you have, did you know that it’s John’s legal background and law studies that inspired him his books? Not to say that there’s a successful thriller in every lawyer, but comparatively speaking, attorneys have a better chance of producing the perfect crime story. After all, they have some first-hand experience on the subject! But if fiction isn’t your thing, you can repurpose your legal knowledge as a specialist journalist, for instance.

In short, a law degree could get you anywhere, from hosting a TV show to selling clever travel bags. Your imagination is the limit!

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