5 Epic Office Christmas Party Ideas

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The office Christmas party is often one that takes pride of place in the workplace calendar. Known for revelry and humour, it’s a time to celebrate the Christmas period and thank your employees for all their hard work throughout the year. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut with what to do for the party each year so here are 5 ideas to help you spice things up a little.

  1. An around the world potluck party
    Almost every country in the world celebrates a festival around the Christmas period, even if they don’t call it Christmas. Celebrate the diversity of the world by hosting an around the world pot luck party. Have employees pick countries from a hat, each person must then dress up and bring some food which represents their chosen country. Another bonus of an around the world potluck party is that the catering is sorted for you too and everyone gets to enjoy delicious cuisine from around the world.

  2. A Winter murder mystery
    Someone at the party has been murdered and one of the people at the party is the murderer. For a murder mystery party have everyone dress up as a character from the story and then solve the murder mystery together. You can find great murder mystery script ideas online, with some designed for smaller teams of up to 15 and others for larger teams with 40 people+. A murder mystery party is a great way to keep everyone entertained and counts as team building too.

  3. A James Bond themed party
    A James Bond themed party just never gets old and gives everyone the chance to dress up in their finest clothes to play their favourite James Bond character for an evening. Chanel the spirit of Casino Royal by transforming your office into a deluxe casino or turn the office into a 007 winter wonderland by replicating the ice palace from Die Another Day. This theme is very versatile yet extremely well known making it a great one that everyone both young and old can enjoy.

  4. A winter wonderland Christmas party
    A winter wonderland Christmas party theme is a classic that’s truly timeless. Although a theme that everyone is familiar with it still remains very flexible and could mean anything from a Santa’s grotto to a blue and white ice palace. Whichever iteration you choose, start the evening with an ice-cold glass of prosecco and get lost in a backdrop of Christmas lights and snow. If your budget can stretch to it then a real like snow machine is always a winner!

  5. An ugly Christmas jumper party
    Budget-friendly and easy to organise an ugly Christmas jumper party doesn’t need elaborate decorations, food or costumes, just simply rock up in your most hideous Christmas sweater. Perfect for companies small and large an ugly Christmas jumper party is all about having fun, so crack out some classic team games and hold a competition to award the person brave enough to wear the most hideous Christmas jumper.

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