5 Practical Ways Your Business Can Give To Charity

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When we talk about giving to charity, we aren’t necessarily talking about giving your money away like the esteemed Coran Capshaw. Yet consider his example. As well as being an incredible business manager, he has also gained kudos, from both the public and award-givers, for his fantastic generosity. You may not have the big bucks he has at his disposal, but that doesn’t mean you should forsake charity altogether. Not only will you raise your profile in the business world, but you will also gain personal satisfaction in knowing you have made a difference.

Here are five ways your business can give to charity.

1. Donate your money

It doesn’t matter how much money you give away, as even a little bit can make a difference. You don’t need to shout the fact you’re giving money away from the rooftops, either, as it will lend your business more credibility if people find out on their own. The charity may mention your giving at an event later on, for example. Choose something that your employees are interested in, and you will also earn yourself a slap on the back from them.

2. Hold a fundraising event

While you could sponsor events held by others, you could also arrange something yourself. Whether you go it alone or get your team involved, there are many ways to fundraise. Run a marathon, jump out of a plane, hold a silent auction, climb a mountain… the possibilities are endless. Attract sponsors by using sites such as JustGiving and enlist your legion of followers on social media.

3. Offer special discounts

Assuming you sell a specific product or service, you could offer the charity something at a discounted price. Alternatively, offer discounts to anybody who is a known contributor to a particular charity, or offer to share the profit of your sales to the charity. Spread the word to your customers on social media or through your website, and let them know that one day’s sales will profit the charity rather than your business, and you may also increase sales.

4. Donate equipment and furniture

You can do this in two ways. The obvious way is to donate any office equipment and furniture to a charity who could find home for it in their building. Desks, chairs, computers, and printers will be particularly helpful. Alternatively, hire out your offices for little or no cost to charities who would benefit from your resources for a business meeting or a public event.

5. Volunteer once a month

We know your time is precious, but by having a hands-on impact at a particular charity, you are raising your profile to others. Whether alone or with your team, you could volunteer at a homeless charity, litter pick for a conservation group, or take groups of underprivileged children away for the day. There are so many things your business could volunteer for, depending on your skill level and opportunities near to you.

Final word

Being charitable will benefit your business – public recognition, free advertising, taxable advantages – but they aren’t the only reasons why you should. You will gain more respect from your customers and community if you give with a generous heart and sincere enthusiasm. Your efforts will be noted, and as mentioned earlier, you will reap the personal rewards, as well as anything financial.

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