5 Safety Features To Look For In Your Next Car


All motorists know that safety is a top concern when driving. You may have safe driving habits, but that doesn’t mean that those around you do! One thing you can do to protect your safety is to take a defensive driver’s course. These courses teach you how to anticipate the actions of others. Beyond this, look out for these five safety features when you buy your next car.

1. Automatic Emergency Brakes

AE Brakes work by automatically applying the brakes when the car has detected that there is about to be a collision. First, the system offers a warning of the crash to come; this means that there is a chance for the driver to take control. If the driver does not brake, the system steps in and does so. Most of these systems use a combo of radar sensors and a camera. These systems can detect collisions between cars and pedestrians, yet some newer cars can also detect objects such as buggies or bikes. With car safety features like this, you’ll be sure to have a more relaxing drive.

2. Lane Departure Warning

A lane departure warning lets you know if your car is just about to move out of the correct lane, giving you the chance to move back. Lane departure tech comes in a few slightly different versions. Some of these systems react and steer, and others center your car. The system works using a camera near the rearview mirror. The camera watches the lane markings to help you to stay in the right place.

3 . Forward Collision Alert

A forward collision alert works by detecting a potential accident and notifying the driver. The FCW system monitors the vehicle’s speed and also the speed of the car in front. The system detects the distance between the two cars so that the driver is warned if the vehicles are too close. The tech uses sensors that detect both moving and stationary cars. Either visual or audio alert provides the warning.

4. Backup Cam

If you have a new car, it’s likely that you already have a backup cam, if not you can add these to older cars. These are rear-facing cameras that help you to open up your field of vision and avoid accidents. With a backup cam, you can see trunk level, and get a good view out of the rear window. The technology helps you see those blind spots and protect pedestrians, objects, or cars behind your vehicle.

5. Smart Dash Cam App

Okay, so this isn’t a feature that comes with a car, but you can add it on easily. With the Smart Dash Cam App, you can use your smartphone as a dashcam. This application uses the camera of your phone to record as you drive. The stored videos go in the cloud, and you can still play music from your phone while using the cam!

Did you know that being a safe driver can also save you money? It’s true; there are a few car insurance providers out there who offer discounts for accident-free drivers. If you can’t find this policy, no problem, as there are plenty of other discounts out there.

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