5 Steps Towards Hospital Greatness

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We have all spent time in hospitals and let’s face it, it’s nobody’s favourite place. However when we have a loved one in a hospital, or we ourselves find ourselves in a hospital we know all too well how important it is that the hospital is well organised and fully functional in order for its patients to feel completely safe and looked after. So here are our top 5 points that all hospitals should be employing to ensure their hospitals are as good as their patients deserve.

Coordinated Care

Healthcare organisation that provide coordinated care throughout their facilities often enjoy the highest levels of success. Anything but the best level of communication, efficient teamwork and the most effective and appropriate healthcare tools can cause the collapse and disintegration of any care model or hospital.

Therefore all hospitals need to be working from the bottom of the ground upwards, working on the infrastructure of all their staff to create a well coordinated care team that work together towards a shared goal.

Hospital Air

It is essential that hospitals are keeping the air as fresh and as hygienic as possible to create a sterile and clean environment. This in itself, can present many challenges, but the oxygen in hospitals is essential in order for the visitors and patients to feel that it is a safe and clean environment. Therefor all hospitals should be fitted with windows where bed bound patients can enjoy some fresh air on a daily basis.

The hospital should also be fitted with proper oxygen flow meters which allow oxygen to be distributed effectively around the hospital. The digital flow switch is a technology that can be adapted to the unique needs of different spaces and more and more hospitals are now adopting this new technology to ensure that there are always a sufficient amount of oxygen in the air.

Transparent Pricing

With patients needing to take on the costs of healthcare more and more it’s crucial that hospitals are providing transparent pricing structures and health care packages. Private healthcare treatments, surgeries and any extra charges should be dealt with from the patient’s perspective in order to ensure that people know what costs are involved with what hospitals.

Care-Risk Contracts

Any surgeries or procedures that come with an element of risk should all be presented with a detailed and intricate risk contract. Anything that happens within a hospital that involves an element of risk should have a seamlessly integrated system that revolves around the patient so that he or she is aware of all the potential risks involved.

Top-Tier Patient Care

At the heart of any hospital should be the patient care that is being given from its doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff. Therefore all hospitals should be investing in adequate patient care training and development for all of its staff. Hospitals should also be investing in ways to create better levels of teamwork and ways that staff can work together to create a safe and comforting environment.

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