5 Things That Can Increase Your Risk of a Car Accident

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No one wants to dwell on the fact that car accidents can occur, but these things can happen and often, due to avoidable factors. Here are five things that can increase the risk of car accidents, knowing what they are means you can do your best to avoid them.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving can take many forms. It could be messing around with a phone, radio or sat nav. It could be chatting to a passenger, or being distracted by kids or pets in the back. It could be driving when you’re unwell, over emotional or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Anything that can affect your concentration or take your mind from the road in front of you is a huge risk factor in having an accident. When you get behind the wheel, driving needs to be the only thing you’re concentrating on, you need to be feeling fit, well and ready to respond to changes in an instant.

Bad weather

Bad weather can affect stopping distance and visibility. If possible, avoid driving during very heavy rain, snow or fog but if you do need to get out onto the roads then give yourself more time for your journey. Aim to use main roads in snow since these will likely be clear and gritted, unlike smaller side streets which can remain icy and snowy and therefore slippery. Be aware of black ice after periods of snow, this is difficult to see so can catch motorists by surprise and cause you to lose complete control of your car.

Poor car condition

It’s your responsibility as a motorist to ensure that your car is road worthy. As well as annual MOTs you should go for regular services, and check things like your tyre tread, lights and fluids in the car to be sure it’s up to standard. If you’ve had an accident that was the fault of the other driver, companies like Compass Car can provide you with a vehicle until yours is repaired or replaced- it needs to be up to standard to ensure you’re protected in an accident.


The speed limits are there for a reason, it’s absolutely vital that you stick to them. Too many people take the law into their own hands when it comes to the speed limit, thankfully measures such as speed cameras have helped to reduce this on many roads. Make sure you’re regularly checking your speedometer to ensure you’re not going too fast, even on national speed limit roads there can be a lot of bends and winding so only go at the limit if it’s safe to. Remember, they’re speed limits, not targets.

Road condition

Finally, the road condition can sometimes be a cause of accidents. After particularly bad winters for example, pot holes can be an issue along with loose road surface. People can panic and brake harshly to avoid these things, which can lead to cars crashing into the back of them. Report any issues you spot with the roads so your local council is aware of them, hopefully they’ll be repaired promptly to stop damage to people’s cars and accidents from occuring.

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