5 Things To Consider Before Modifying Your Vehicle

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Customizing a vehicle can be fun, but there can be drawbacks to modifying a vehicle. Here are just five things worth considering before modifying your car.

Understand the costs of modifying

Modifications generally aren’t cheap. Even if you’re competent enough to do them yourself, you’ve still going to pay a lot for the necessary parts. Used parts will save you money, but you don’t want to go too cheap otherwise you could end buying something in poor condition. When upgrading engine parts, consider the fact that you may also have to upgrade to a premium fuel.

Expect your insurance premiums to go up

Many insurers will up your premiums if you choose to modify your vehicle. This is because modifications are often associated with boy racers – who are the most likely demographic to have accidents. The exception is of course security and safety upgrades, which could lower your premiums.

Understand the impact on your car’s value

When it comes to selling your modified vehicle, you may find it harder to find a buyer. Certain modifications can be a matter of personal taste and you may find that a lot of buyers don’t share your tastes, which could mean having to offer a lower price to help sell your vehicle. Dealerships in particular will pay a lot less if your car is modified.

Think practical

Some modification may not be practical for your everyday usage. For instance, you may want to think twice about lowering the suspension if you live in an area full of speed humps. Some modifications may have a wholly practical benefit such as adding a 4R70W transmission into a work vehicle to help it deal with the rugged usage. Similarly bull bars and mud flaps could be useful if you’re taking your vehicle off-road a lot.

Consider hiring professionals

When fitting your modifications, you want to be certain that the work is done correctly. An engine part that hasn’t been installed properly could be highly dangerous. Hiring professionals to modify your car could ensure that the job is done to a high quality. You’ll find specialists out there dealing in everything from window tinting to off-road modifications. Always read reviews to check that you are using a reputable company.

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