5 Tips For Dealing With Bad Drivers

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Are you tired of dealing with bad drivers on the road? At times it can feel as if they’re everywhere – it’s a wonder that they ever got their license! Of course, it’s easy to stoop to their level by reacting aggressively to bad drivers and becoming a danger yourself. Here are five tips for dealing with difficult road users.

Use your horn and headlights

Road rage will rarely get you anywhere. If you’re the type of person that likes to chase bad drivers so that you can swear out of the window at them, it could be time to adopt a less aggressive tactic – it’s all too easy to get caught up trying to express your anger that you too resort to bad driving. In most cases, a short blast of the horn or a flash of the headlights is enough to tell someone that they’ve done wrong. If it’s too late for that, try to swallow your anger and simply continue on with your journey.

Windscreen splash tailgaters

Tailgaters can be difficult to deal with – many do it as a way of urging you to drive faster on a single track road, but giving in could result in you breaking the speed limit or driving dangerously. To get tailgaters to back off, one useful tactic is to squirt washer fluid at them from your rear window (if you don’t have a rear window washer fluid sprayer, you can get one fitted). This will splatter their screen and force them to slow down. Of course, this should only be done when driving conditions are safe.

Keep your distance

On top of deterring tailgaters, it’s important to not become a tailgater yourself for safety reasons. Keep a good distance from the driver ahead and increase this distance if they’re driving dangerously. This will give you more time to react if they roll back at a junction or swerve erratically or have to do an emergency stop.

Take legal action

Certain behaviour on the road may be illegal – if possible try to take a note of the bad driver’s number plate so that you can report them. They could get a point on their license or even a ban, resulting in one less bad driver on the road. Meanwhile, if someone crashes into you and causes harm, solicitors such as https://www.rueziffra.com/automobile-accident-attorney/ could be worth getting hold of to make a claim. If everyone took legal action, bad driving might not be so commonplace.

Use a dash cam

For helping you to make a case against bad drivers, it’s worth using a dashcam every time you drive to record your journey. This gives you indisputable evidence that could be used in court when pursuing a lawsuit or a criminal conviction. Dashcams are now much more affordable than they used to be and can have the advantage of catching many other wonderful sites including scenic drives and funny roadside sights – you can compare cameras at sites like https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/dash-cams/article/how-to-buy-the-best-dash-cam.

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