5 Unique Ways To Get Fit

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It’s summer, which means getting fit is on everyone’s mind. But for many people, endless treadmill sessions, spin classes, and HIIT workouts can get dull pretty quickly. Unless you’re a complete fitness enthusiast, exercise can sometimes feel uninspiring. So how can you find a workout that makes you eager to lace up your sneakers? Here are five unique ways to get fit that you might not have considered before.


Why not take to the waves and try out stand up paddleboarding? It might not look like much, but this a full-body workout! You’ll be engaging your core as you try to balance and stay on your feet. Plus, you get the cardio and arm toning benefits of paddling. Whether you SUP on a river, lake, or in the sea, you’ll be out in nature too. Being around the water has been found to reduce stress and give wellbeing a serious boost.

Martial arts

Who doesn’t love martial arts films? There’s nothing more fun than learning some of those kickass moves you’ve grown up admiring. The great thing about martial arts is that there’s such variety. Krav Maga and Jiu-Jitsu are incredible self-defence systems. Jiu-Jitsu is especially great for women since it teaches you how to overcome larger opponents using the perfect technique, not just strength. Chinese martial arts remain very popular too. Kung Fu Shaolin is one the oldest and most famous styles of kungfu. Kungfu will build your strength, stamina, and mental focus. It is also said to be calming for the mind.

Aerial skills

If you’ve ever wanted to join the circus, this one is for you! Take to the skies on either a trapeze, an aerial hoop, silks, or even a rope. This is not for the faint-hearted, since it takes a lot of courage, not to mention strength and flexibility. If you’re looking for a workout that will impress your friends and stretch your limits, you might love aerial skills.


If you love staying fit in the great outdoors, then bouldering is for you. Bouldering is rock climbing done without ropes. But don’t worry, it’s done much closer to the ground than typical climbing. You usually complete a sequence, or ‘route’, which you can attempt again and again until you crack it. This makes bouldering a great activity to increase your mental stamina and problem-solving skills, too. Climbing builds up muscle groups that some of us don’t even realize we have. It also increases flexibility, since you have to stretch your body in unusual ways to find the best holds.


Is there anything that says fun like trampolining? Even the most hardened exercise avoiders can’t help but laugh as they bounce around without a care in the world. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard work. An hour’s trampolining work out can burn about 300 calories, and you’ll undoubtedly be out of breath! Many adult trampolining classes will mix in some high-intensity interval training into your workout, so you’re getting a fantastic cardio and strengthening boost.

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