5 Ways To Use Digital Technology At Business Events

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Want to impress people at your business event? Using the latest technology can show that you’re cutting edge company. It can also be a creative way of building new leads and expanding your reach. Here are just 5 ways to incorporate digital technology at your next business event.

Broadcast talks and seminars online

Many companies have started live streaming talks and seminars online. This can allow you to reach out to all the people who many not have been able to attend your event. You should hire a professional company to record the event and make sure that you’re using the right platform to stream it. If it’s a private conference, you may want to find a private channel to broadcast it on that requires people to log in.

Create a video demo to display on a screen

You can also use video footage at the event as a complementary tool. If you’re giving a talk and want to demo your product, but can’t because the venue isn’t appropriate, pre-recording a demo video before the event in an appropriate setting could be a great option. For instance, if you’re doing a sales demo on a lawnmower, a video could allow you to show it cutting an actual lawn. You may want to rent a screen to play your demo on if this is not provided.

Sign people up to contests on a tablet

You could use your event as a chance to run a contest. In order for people to find out the results of the contest, you could ask them to join your email mailing list. This could then potentially result in generating new leads at a later date as these people may start to pay close attention to your emails and possibly notice deals that you’re offering. Make sure that the option to opt in to your mailing list is clear so that people know what they’re signing up to.

Connect to your conference audience on Twitter

If you’re hosting a conference in front of a large audience, you could use Twitter as a way of encouraging participation. Using a live Twitter wall, you can get people to Tweet questions and feedback that can appear on a screen. You can then respond to these questions and comments in your own time. In a big crowd where audience members may feel shy about participating, a Twitter wall could help to put people at ease and make it easier to ask the questions they want to ask.

Encourage mobile users to visit your website with QR codes

Printing QR codes onto signs, flyers and business cards at your event can help encourage people to visit your company website. QR codes are coded images that can be scanned using a smartphone – they make it easier than having to type in your full web address. They can be a particularly useful way of linking to specific product pages and information pages.

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