6 Ways To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things Socially Once Lockdown Ends


If you’re a sociable and charismatic individual almost by nature, then you’re not going to have too much trouble reintegrating back into the world once this situation comes to an abrupt end. In fact, you’re probably itching to be around people – itching to be the brunt of every joke and the person that’s there for everyone if need be. Once everything is back to normal, it will be like nothing ever changed; you’ll be as confident and as laid back as you always were. Good for you.

Not everyone is like that, however. In fact, the majority of people are confidence players. We all build up confidence over time and are able to do things once we’re comfortable and skilled. When we first began heading out and doing new things, we were tentative and didn’t want to make any errors. For many, it’s back to square one again – as though we’re completely starting from scratch. It has only been a few months, but it has felt like much longer, and a lot of us have gone with significant social interaction for a very long time.

Fortunately, it’s simply just a case of getting back into the swing of things gradually. A lot of us have social media platforms, and so are able to communicate to a limited degree. We’ll probably be super awkward when meeting up with people and attending certain get-togethers, and that’s okay, it’s just a case of doing these things again and again. What can we do to boost our social skills back up to their former selves if we have, indeed, lost some ability? Well, here are a few ideas for you:

Head Out Frequently

Now that we’re able to do a little more due to the relaxed laws, it’s wise to head outside as much as you can. Heading out in public is obviously fine as long as you stay sensible and don’t go too close to others. When you walk around in public, you naturally go by others. This gives you the opportunity to, firstly, be around strangers and, secondly, to greet them as you pass. This might seem like such a small and insignificant step, but it actually carries lots of weight.

Join A Team Or Club

Right now, a lot of different sports clubs probably aren’t back in full flow yet due to the fact that many tend to be contact sports. There will be different places you can go to or sign up to, though. This might seem like quite a difficult step, but it’s something that anyone can do. Getting involved with other people and doing things you like will boost your confidence in social situations. When you’re happier and doing what you want, you tend to worry less about outside factors.

Don’t Turn Down Invitations From Friends!

Before the lockdown period, you probably felt more than comfortable with turning down invitations. You probably thought that there would be other days or nights that would be enjoyable. Now that you’ve been cooped up for so long, you probably realize just how much you’ve missed out. When you get invited somewhere, don’t turn it down! It might be nervy and awkward, but these kinds of situations improve you as a person.

Dating Apps And Alike!

This is strictly as sociable as you’d like it to be, but it can boost your confidence and give you the motivation to go out. If you’re single (obviously!), then why not talk to people and get to know them. You could end up hitting it off with someone, and that will give you the oomph to head outside and be more sociable. Nobody’s saying you’ll find the love of your life immediately and form a beautiful relationship straight away, but it could give you that self-belief and confidence you need to head out and value yourself more.


Getting out and raising your heartbeat is a great way of boosting your confidence in social situations. Sure, gyms aren’t open yet, but you can still head out and run for a little while. Working out releases endorphins that make us a lot more confident and comfortable in our surroundings, so it’s a great idea if you’re feeling slightly tentative right now. You don’t even have to go and get a grueling workout done. Simply heading to your park with some of the best beginner drones or a soccer ball can do a lot of good for the mind, body, and soul.

Do Less Social Media Scrolling

Social media is social by name, but not really in practice. Many platforms allow us to feel self-conscious or to feel like we should be the best in everything – including things like being social and having charisma. If you stay away from these kinds of demanding mindsets, you become free to do things the way you want with little pressure.

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