7 Countries that Said Adios to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy

Who says we can’t completely stop depending on fossil fuel and shift to clean energy sources? There are small countries that have proven it can be done. Costa Rica for instance has started this initiative a few years ago, and now it is one of the countries that have completely stopped using fossil fuel.

The small island country of Bonaire has also eliminated fossil fuel from their energy system. Even a huge country like Denmark has succeeded in this goal. In the future, even bigger countries like Portugal can follow the same moves.

Clean energy is the energy source of the future. There is no point on still searching for fossil fuels to convert to energy. They are a limited energy source. Harnessing cleaner energy sources like wind and water is the way to go. We have abundant natural resources. They also don’t damage the environment if we use them as energy source.

The only reason why we are still too dependent on fossil fuels is because there are a lot of major oil companies around the world, using force and power to prevent complete shift to natural resources. If they would just support the moves towards clean energy, we won’t be making global warming worse.

The infographic below shows some countries that have become successful on their plans to eradicate fossil fuel. They have managed to use clean energy sources to provide the energy needs of the people in the country. If they have become successful, other countries should also follow their footsteps.

7 Countries that Said 'Adios' to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy

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