7 Reasons Why Travelling as a Senior is a Great Idea


When you think of travelling you immediately think about youngsters in their early twenties or thirties with backpacks in Bali. Of course, travelling is popular amongst all age ranges, but people over sixty should feel more confident in hopping on a place to an exotic location. Whether you’re thinking of moving permanently or you want to tick a few places off your travel bucket list, there are a number of reasons why travelling as a senior is a great idea. Don’t be put off by millennials and their Instagram-worthy snap shots of their travelling adventures, you can have an even better time in many ways. If you still aren’t sure about packing your bags for the trip of a lifetime, consider the following reasons why travelling as a senior is a wonderful idea.

1. You Still Have A Lot to See In the World

Even when you reach your later years, it doesn’t mean that you have seen all you need to see! Visiting a new place is exciting, enriching and enjoyable, so why not take the chance whilst you have it? If you’re worried about getting insured as an older person you can check out this travel insurance information for seniors. Hopefully this will put your mind at ease and give you the confidence to book a trip to a faraway, exotic place.

2. You Have Less Responsibility

When you have reached your sixties or seventies most of your main responsibilities have started to die down a little bit. Your children are probably grown up now, so they don’t need you to be around as much anymore. If you have been tied to your hometown for a long time because of your kids, it might be time to branch out and enjoy travelling for once.

3. You Are More Financially Stable Than Ever

Although you might need to save up for a big upcoming trip, now is the perfect time to do it. As a senior you are more financially stable than you will ever be. Students have to save up for years and even go into debt because of their big travel plans. You won’t have to worry about this as much as you will probably already have a significant amount of savings to fall back on.

4. You Have Life Experience

Stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new is something you might not have had the confidence to do a few years ago. Now you are older and wiser you feel much happier in your own skin. Having the self assurance to go travelling on your own or even with a partner is something you will probably feel ready for at this stage in your life.

5. You Have More Spare Time

As you get older, your work schedule is hopefully getting a little quieter as time goes on. Perhaps you haven’t take a trip in a long time because you could never get the time off work. Now you shouldn’t have to worry about these things because your schedule isn’t as jam-packed as it used to be. Of course you will have other commitments that you need to work around, but this is a moment where you will be more time-rich than ever before.

6. You Are Free to Make Your Own Decisions

Not having to answer to anyone is the one advantage of getting older. Your parents can’t tell you want to do and your boss is no longer the dictator of your life. You can feel free to explore the world and take as many trips as you like, because you are more independent than you have ever been before.

7. You Can Have Some Quality Time With Your Partner

The past few years have probably flashed before your eyes quicker than you could ever imagine. Spending some much needed quality time with your partner on a trip might be the answer you have been looking for. You’re never too old for a romantic getaway so why not start planning it right now?

So use this opportunity to choose the idea destination for your next trip. Have the confidence to make travelling a priority in your life whilst you still have the passion, energy and excitement within you. Travelling as a senior can not only be cheap, but it can provide you with some of the best experiences you will ever have. Don’t feel restricted by your age any longer; hop onto that plane and enjoy every moment of travelling as a senior.

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